Shadow Warrior Classic (1997)

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Cheat Codes for Shadow Warrior
av Ov3RT4K3R
Cheat Codes for Shadow Warrior (1997)...
Fix Mouse Control in Shadow Warrior (bMouse)
av Lunick
Using bMouse, you can fix the horrible mouselook that is in this game....
Tips and tricks for playing Shadow Warrior
Guide showing you various tips that will let you excel when playing Shadow Warrior....
How to play Twin Dragon and Wanton Destruction expansion without SWP
av HenitoKisou
It's not that hard as it seems....
How to Access the Level Editor
av Critical Failure
The level editor is included! Here is how you get it running....
Shadow Warrior Advanced Tactics
av Critical Failure
This is the sum of my own experiences combined with the knowledge of a couple generous ninjas who have shared their own tips. If you are a skilled player with some tips of your own, I would love to add anything you have to this guide. Otherwise, enjoy thi...
Getting the silver key in the first level
Guide showing you how to find the pesky key in level 1....
Como tirar screenshots de Shadow Warrior Classic (1997)
av Guest1982
O Steam Overlay não funciona em títulos quê usam o DOSBox . Saiba como driblar esse incoveniente....
How to fix sound trouble on Win7 & 8
av !CE[Hel'] Viking
Códigos de Trapaça [Cheat Codes]
av Guest1982
Lista de códigos de trapaça [cheat codes] para o jogo....
av Guest1982
Truque para levitar e assim alcançar lugares antes inacessíveis (sem mencionar escapar de inimigos chatos)....
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