Shadow Warrior Classic (1997)

Shadow Warrior Classic (1997)

Why no linux version???
I mean, come on guys. It's a DosBox port. I see no excuse why there is no Linux version for SW already in first place.
最后由 ManMashine the Doppelgänger™ 编辑于; 2013年8月4日上午10:19
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Arcanoxer 2013年9月26日下午5:51 
C'mon Devs, we need a Linux version.
Scorcher24 2013年9月30日上午7:34 
Ehm, you know you can just download DosBox for Linux and play it on Mac/Linux?

sudo apt-get install dosbox
Should do the trick if you are on Ubuntu or Debian.
最后由 Scorcher24 编辑于; 2013年9月30日上午7:35
That's not the point, player one. I see no reason why Linux users should be left alone by themselfs while Windows users get a instant-playable pack. 90 % of gamers don't want to fiddle around with commandline voodoo and just want to play. You could get a lot more gamers to linux if developers would offer some complete packages that allow the gamer to just install it and play, instead of installing a bunch of extra stuff by themselfs.
最后由 ManMashine the Doppelgänger™ 编辑于; 2013年10月2日上午7:11
Dark 2013年10月25日上午11:28 
Stop a moment while us windows owners drink your tears
sceptic 5月30日下午12:49 
@ Dark: Oh, single-OS windows user ignorance never fails to amuse me. No arguments, just hot air. i lol'd.
Well, I think what happened is this:

- First of all, according to various online sources, Shadow Warrior Classic (1997) was made available for free from Steam on May 29, 2013. Additionally, Shadow Warrior Classic Redux was released on July 8, 2013.
- Both of these were released with support for Windows and OS X.
- Later (on September), Linux support was added to Shadow Warrior Classic Redux on Steam:
- However, I suppose that since Shadow Warrior Classic (1997) had been available for free, it didn't get a similar update. (Technically it's more like the addition of the SW DOS files + DOSBox for Linux.)
- Note that this does *not* apply to Shadow Warrior Classic Complete, as available from (there's a Linux installer). I suspect it became available for free *after* the addition of Linux support.
- Also, interestingly, Shadow Warrior Classic Redux, as distributed by, is currently offered with Windows and OS X support, but no Linux support.
- To summarize, in terms of OS support for these SW Classic titles, is currently in (almost) the exact opposite state, compared to Steam.

I'll finish with a few more sentences, regarding the SW betas: As far as I know, the free version from Steam (not is currently the only one offered with the early 95/96/97 builds. As already stated in other places, again many thanks to anybody who contributed to the availability of these builds in their own ways.
最后由 NY00123 编辑于; 5月30日下午2:40
It really is werd. Severall other classics that are now available for free, like "Bio Menace", do have a linux version on GOG. It really is confusing. And yeah, there are also often version differencies. The Apogee Throwsback pack, here on Steam, for example contains only the 1.0 versions of Blake Stone and Rise of the Triad. You have to patch them yourself. That lead to quite some complaints in the reviews and the forum. And this pack too does not come with a Linux version in the store, even thou the whole pack uses DosBox as well.
最后由 ManMashine the Doppelgänger™ 编辑于; 5月30日下午3:10
引用自 Scorcher24
Ehm, you know you can just download DosBox for Linux and play it on Mac/Linux?

sudo apt-get install dosbox
Should do the trick if you are on Ubuntu or Debian.

This does not help when there is no way to download the games from the Linux version of Steam when the game is only available as Windows pack to download through Steam. If you try to download it anyway under the Linux verion of Steam, it says "this game is not available for your system". So in order to actually download the gamefiles you need to download it with the Windows version of Steam so it would let you download it. And that is really unacceptable. You would not expect from a windows user to use Mac OS to download a game from Steam, only so you can fiddle around and make it run under Windows.
最后由 ManMashine the Doppelgänger™ 编辑于; 5月30日下午3:15
djcj 7月21日上午10:23 
Still no official Linux version?
djcj 7月27日上午6:53 
Building a somewhat portable 32 bit version of dosbox from the latest SVN snapshot is not difficult. The only problem I have is that the music is not playing (regular sound effects are working). Not even with the dosbox installed from my package manager the music is playing. Anyone have an idea how to solve this?
Is the dosbox config set so the right soundblaster settings? This version here still uses Adlib and not the ogg vorbis music of the newer port. So either the DOSbox Adlib soundblaster settings need to be adjusted or the Sound settings of the game itself.
djcj 7月28日下午6:03 
It seems I had to build libSDL_sound correctly and build dosbox against it, but I also have to run the provided conf scripts from within the gameroot directory. Now the music works.

Anyway, here's a 32 bit build that should run on most systems:
It was build on Ubuntu 14.04 32 bit (chroot) and runs on my Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit system.

The devs can use it for a Linux release if they want.
最后由 djcj 编辑于; 7月28日下午6:03
Bump. Devs, please see us!
That's why i thought i shouldn't install linux.
Even after having a comparison of Win10 to linux, linux would just be better but the fact that my favourite games are not on linux just annoys me.
More devs should think of linux.
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