╙Mλgíċaℓ Ήøﻇσ╜ 2013年5月8日下午9:06
never played it
looks awesome :)
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Pops Ghostly 2013年5月9日上午8:27 
It very-much is, well worth a play!
Shoigunjinsho 2013年6月9日上午9:08 
I'm playing it for the first time too and I'm absolutly in love with it!
Tricky Ninja 2013年6月9日下午12:24 
man this game brings back so many memories for me I remember when my parents bought this game for my younger brother we had so much fun playing this I love Lo-Wang
Shoigunjinsho 2013年6月9日下午12:46 
I love Wang too, my friend
RPGinTheHouse 2013年6月9日下午1:50 
playing for the first time too.Very good game.
Aurora Solaris 2013年6月11日上午12:58 
Pure classic, one of the best old games :)
Arcturus 2013年6月11日下午2:49 
Playing through it for the first time myself here. I'm not a fan of the sense of humour myself but the game itself is decent and has some neat effects for the BUILD engine.
DudeDesigns 2013年6月11日下午4:03 
Shadow Warrior is a great game. Worth the play!
éclairé 2013年6月15日上午5:04 
weren't there more episodes in the game?
Shoigunjinsho 2013年6月15日上午7:15 
引用自 éclairé
weren't there more episodes in the game?

Yeah Twin Dragon and Wanton Destruction?
1VAC eat a Sprite 2013年7月27日上午8:26 
magical game gives you super powers
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