Shadow Warrior Classic (1997)

Shadow Warrior Classic (1997)

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hyjinxthemule 9 okt 2013 om 1:28nm
Button config?
I looked up the original button config and it doesn't match what my keys actually do, is there a fix for this? space bar should open doors, instead it jumps, and many other keybind issues. I can't find a keybind option in the game. please help!
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Mater Mazen Beer Bulls 9 okt 2013 om 3:48nm 
Launch Shadow Warrior and run configure. It launches setup.
Go to controller options and select keyboard setup.
You will notice that each action has two key binds.

Find jump and highlight the spacebar.

It will appear like this..

Jump: E [and] -Spacebar-
Push delete to remove spacebar from jump.
Jump: E [and] -blank space-
Spacebar should only open doors now.

Find and repeat the delete step for each action that has a button conflict.
Save your settings before exiting or launching.

hyjinxthemule 9 okt 2013 om 5:24nm 
<3 thanks so much!
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