Yeah Buddy 21. marras, 2013 8.16
Key ?
Anyway to get a key, i want this to permanent stay in my library ?

The devs where giving keys, not long ago on Twitter, ...
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Kenshiro3 21. marras, 2013 8.41 
it will be as long as you leave it installed. Plus this version is gonna stay free anyway
Yeah Buddy 21. marras, 2013 9.21 
Yeah, i know but i want it to stay in my library, like some people have
Kenshiro3 21. marras, 2013 10.28 
Yeah Buddy lähetti viestin:
Yeah, i know but i want it to stay in my library, like some people have
Then just leave it installed its not like its very big filewise. They stopped giving keys out because some ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s hacked stole them and started selling them. So they just made the game free forever. Upside? It's free forever and you can redownload it any time you want. Downside? Its removed from your library once uninstalled.

Or if that's not acceptable buy Shadow Warrior Classic Redux, it comes in a fully functioning & stable sourceport (unlike the fanmade ports) with modern niceties like Modern HD Resolutions, being able to adjust keboard layout & mouse sensativity in game as well as both expansions. Not only that but they ALSO fixed some bugs where certain levels were unbeatable at certain dificulty levels.
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