yellowpanda 2013年12月21日 12時56分
i locked kid mode
i needf help i locked my self in kid mode what do i do i reinstlale it and it worked for allitrle bit but the nehhh also in chapert 1 level 3 how do i stop lo wang from geting crusg=hed by roof
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Kenshiro3 2013年12月21日 13時24分 
yellowpanda 2013年12月21日 16時08分 
ok so i forgot the password to kidmode
Kenshiro3 2013年12月21日 16時21分 
Robman 2014年2月4日 23時12分 
to stop getting crushed by the roof in leeps, shoot a grenade or rocket .. or sticky bomb into the little machine room off to the side.
ScrawnyPaleMan 2014年5月8日 11時58分 
Holy english.
EduardoElBandito 2014年5月11日 7時21分 
Dat Grammar Dough
The Sloth 1月12日 19時02分 
I'm pretty sure this kids parents put in the lock, and he just wants to find a way to get it off.
yellowpanda 1月17日 23時27分 
♥♥♥♥a this is a year old and i realy did mess it up does not matter baught the new one any way
1|=\T1MM5H/=|1 2月17日 12時25分 
Jesus ♥♥♥♥ing Christ, you sound like you should have kid mode on, damn pleb.
yellowpanda 2月17日 20時43分 
hey buddy what doent your @ss make like ebola a spread already

i posted this a year ago and i ready bought the hd remix now shut up before i go IsIs on you scum bag btw i bet your either a brony or a console peasant who is in denial that pc and or wiiu is better than your door sotp of a console the xbox one
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yellowpanda 2月17日 20時44分 
also any one xcited for bloodbrone
1|=\T1MM5H/=|1 2月18日 6時51分 
Dude, get your grammar right. Also, #Pcmasterrace
yellowpanda 2月18日 7時36分 
no ♥♥♥♥ that is why me mum bought me the msi titan 2 desktop 980s and a core i 7
1|=\T1MM5H/=|1 2月18日 10時39分 
dude, thats a little :Overkill:
yellowpanda 2月18日 15時37分 
i am sorry we got off to a bad stat i was going to go icis on you but i realized why am i fighting a fellow master race when its the peasonts i should deal with i am sorry gentleman
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