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Patrol1985 Aug 3, 2014 @ 8:30am
Secret level exit locations for each Rise of the Triad episode
I think I've managed to locate all secret exits in Rise of the Triad and Extreme Rise of the Triad It's surprisingly hard to find this info online. Feel free to correct me if I've made a mistake somewhere:

Shareware episode:

E1A3 ("The Fourth Door")

Retail episodes:

E1A3 ("Burned and Amazed")
E2A5 ("Rocky Plateau")
E3A6 ("Movin' Walls")
E4A4 ("Diamonds and Rust")

Extreme Rise of the Triad:

E1A3 ("Triadagio")
E2A3 ("Dark 'n' Deadly")*
E3A1 ("Overview")
E4A3 ("A Boulder Vision")

*To reach E2A3 you have to choose the low path in E2A1
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