Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut

Gene Jacket 2013年10月24日下午3:47
Dual-Screen feature incoming
Hey everyone, just wanted to give a quick update on the Dual-Screen feature the game will have, since the other thread about was locked for some unknown reason.

After taking to several boards and asking around, and even going so far as to contact Eidos customer service, I've finally gotten some actual info about what to expect.

Over on the official Deus Ex forums a moderator left this comment: "We're watching these issues and passing them along. Answers may be forthcoming soon-ish."

A little later a forum user pointed us to this page on Intel's site, which deatils how the Dual-Screen feature will work:

So, it would seem the Dual-Screen feature is coming, and just wasn't ready for launch. Ahain, if I come across any more news, I'll update this thread.
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Vamphaery 2013年10月24日下午3:53 
Unfortunate that it requires an Intel processor, but surprising and welcome that some form of this functionality will in fact be in the PC version. Didn't expect that, despite what the manual said.
Rigged 2013年10月24日下午3:58 
Ahh i just found the same website myself a few hours ago just got on to tell everyone and you beat me to it!!!! Right on!!
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Gene Jacket 2013年10月24日下午4:04 
While it is massively disappointing that AMD users (like myself) won't be able to take advantage of the feature, arguably the games biggest selling point, but it's great news for the people who will be able to use it.

Seems rather ridiculous to ship a game using technology so many won't be able to use, but something is better than nothing, I suppose.
OdanUrr 2013年10月24日下午4:31 
Cool. I would like to know how soon is soon-ish though.
Sh1nRa358 2013年10月24日下午4:39 
They're doing it wrong. Or at least half right. All they gotta do is to have 2 windows be created by the game. When a second screen is detected, the 2nd window will automatically go toward the 2nd screen.
Dungeoncrawler69 2013年10月24日下午5:11 
Thanks for the info. Anything about performance patch?
RvLesh 2013年10月24日下午6:39 
A 2nd-Gen i? That's some ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t right there.
NCC74656 2013年10月25日上午12:01 
i still run the 2nd gen i processors. i dont see any reason to spend loads of cash to get minimal performance increases moving to a current gen setup. i doubt there is any reason beyond marketing that it requires a intel CPU, my bet would be with in the first few months someone has hacked it to work on AMD.

i want it now tho... i dont want to wait :( i hope i havnt gotten all the achievments before its out, might force me to break over 2,000 hours played if it takes that long.
Mairo 🐻🎧 2013年10月25日上午2:30 
I guess there aren't any standarts for external touch screen as controller nor does anyone have one. Of course they could've done mobile application or something.
Well not every PS3 owners have Vita or every Xbox owners have Windows Phone either

引用自 shinra35888
They're doing it wrong. Or at least half right. All they gotta do is to have 2 windows be created by the game. When a second screen is detected, the 2nd window will automatically go toward the 2nd screen.
But what it second screen ain't touch enabled? Defeats whole purpose. We are also playing with PC so we can have more information on one screen and manage it better with mouse.
TotesAdorbs 2013年10月25日上午2:42 
Well there is SmartScreen from Microsoft, there's Windows Sideshow which has been around for a very very long time. There's even the very loosely related Nvidia SHIELD, but that doesn't really apply in this case I don't think.

I can't say I'm not a bit disappointed at the Intel decision, however I'm glad at least they're willing to give PC users this functionality.

If we're really lucky it may turn out like the stereoscopic 3D did, in which they initially released it for AMD only, as part of an AMD marketing maneuver, and for Nvidia 3DVision users it was completely broken/unfixable. However a bit later on they then released a patch which made it compatible with Nvidia 3DVision and allowed the game to work and look great with it (to many they actually preferred it to the AMD variant).

So at least there's hope!
Thanks for sharing Gene Jacket!
.tnm 2013年10月25日上午3:21 
they could just release android / iOS apps and say that this feature requires constant internet connection, no new technology needed for this. it wouldn't even be much data traffic as the handheld devices would draw the image they would only need a few data what to show (like ammo count, mirror locations in hacking etc.)
最后由 .tnm 编辑于; 2013年10月25日上午3:21
busyman 2013年10月25日上午3:54 
Speaking of Windows Phone... why is there no WP version?

P.S.: Xbox Smartglass is available for iOS and Android, too.
Gene Jacket 2013年10月25日上午5:01 
There are multiple easier, more appealing routes they could have gone with this that would have worked for nearly everyone, unfortunately they seem to have chosen the way that's most complicated and leaves out a huge number of players.
Cris Oliveira 2013年10月25日上午6:01 
Man, this is wrong in so many levels. We will have to wait for a new software for an old tec, that not all of those who payed for the game will be able to use, so someone can enjoy an announced feature that should have been out of the box?
shadooom 2013年10月25日上午7:07 
a game feature only on a specific cpu? well that is something new to me
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