Dima Mar 11 @ 4:58pm
Any information regarding an update?
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Dleghthikos Mar 11 @ 6:17pm 
It's been nearly five months since the game was released and they haven't fixed any of the issues. There are some pretty serious performance issues, including a stuttering problem that plagued the original DE:HR for 8 months and through 6 patches and which has returned in the Director's Cut. There are some other issues that make this version's graphics of the game look years behind the original. Many people have chosen not to play the game at all, rather than have the experience of playing a gimped version of the original.

One of the Eidos Web Content Managers made a statement on the Eidos forum that the Producer on DE:HR-DC, (David Anfossi I guess), stated that their work on the patch is done. However, Anfossi hasn't shown us anything. According to the Web Content Manager, Anfossi is blaming Intel for the delay in releasing the patch. He claims they are waiting for Intel to release their "Perceptual Screen Control" Dual-Screen technology so they can include it with the patch.

Intel had taken their website for the technology down a few months ago. However, there is some good news: the website is back up[www.intel.com]. This indicates Intel will be giving Anfossi what he was waiting for, if they haven't already, and he'll finally give us the patch we've been waiting for. Hopefully, it will include the performance and graphical fixes too. But a lot of people are questioning whether buying the game was even worth it, as there was so little added in the first place, and even less was delivered than was originally advertised, (the in-game strategy guide comes to mind as a feature that was made Wii-exclusive, post-release).
Dima Mar 12 @ 5:02am 
Thanks for the info.
Dleghthikos May 16 @ 1:09pm 
Bumped for people who'd like information regarding an update. Still relevant as nothing's changed.
Dima May 16 @ 1:18pm 
Good idea
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