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Bleeding Heart Sep 13, 2013 @ 11:17pm
Tried again - positive suprise
(Sorry for my faulty english, but I thought this might be of interest to the non-german community too.)

I have to admit, that the game surprised me some minutes ago. As a Hardcore - Fan of the original, I was really, really angry about the state this product was sold to us. Really angry. Angry Joe angry. I tried it after some patches, and it wasnt really better. But, hope dies last and so I tried it again yesterday. And - to my very astonishement - I felt myself getting captivated in the "just this one more try in cheating in the tavern" - feeling, just like old days. I actually want to play on. The graphic is sure not that much to speak of, but its imho playable. They fixed a lot of little things, which makes the game much more atmospheric, like kicked the stupid guy from your campfire (looks much better now) or the fact that you have different views on your room in the tavern, depending on which kind of room you rented. These are maybe minor details but imo they show that the devs are really fans of the originial too and want this thing to be good. I think you can see there that’s not just another (botched) job for them. As I reached Vilnheim (or Vilnhome?) in the evening, looking at the setting sun reflecting in the river, I was even mildly impressed. We all knew that with this kind of budget there would be no Skyrim but at least it looks a little like the thing that was promised.

So, is it the great masterpiece which brings our beloved BoD to the here-and-now in a spectacular fashion and enriched with new features, as we were led to believe? No. Of course not. That said, perhaps not yet. (You see, the hope thing again.) In the Moment, there are still a lot of problems, no point in denying that. For example, I seem not to be able to let a smith fix broken Weapons. Some spells are still missing. The miniatures are still ugly. I can’t change the position of the camera on the battle map (or was I just too stupid for that?). The weapons (or, one dares to hope, perhaps even the armor) of the PC´s aren’t shown correctly. There is no punishment for cheating and thievery like in the original (getting beaten up or - much worse - loosing all your money - plus you cant get in this tavern again). And so on.

But none withstanding all those problems, I am looking much more positive into the future of this game. A thing I would have deemed absolutely impossible in the last weeks. The devs really seem to come through with their promise to make the game playable via the patches. I wouldn’t believe they could pull this off. That’s sure no excuse for selling us a not nearly finished product at all, but this is extensively covered elsewhere. I for now am glad not to have pledged to Valve for a refund. (But only becaus I was lucky enough to buy it in a special steam sale offer). Keep on guys, perhaps we old – time – fanboys will even forgive you… sometime. ;-) And – if we are allowed to dream again – perhaps this will become a new, enriched and… better (there, I said it) version of the game, like a phoenix rising from very ugly ashes. And who knows? Perhaps we will even go hunting after a certain axe together in the future…
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jutetrea Sep 14, 2013 @ 10:51am 
Looks like there is some promise then. Will revisit in a bit, looking forward to it.
Yograin Sep 15, 2013 @ 5:36am 
Smiths can actually repair your weapons without problem. Look for pictures of damaged weapons when you open the repair menu, the icons are above the usual purchase screen.

Also camera in battle can be moved with RMB and you can turn with middle mouse button or with arrows in upper right corner :).
Bleeding Heart Sep 15, 2013 @ 6:00am 
Thank you, I will try the repair thing again, if necessary.

The arrows in the upper corner... yes... now that you mention it... (in fact, I "found" them some hours after my first post, but I fear, this still proves my second theory to be correct...)

Thx anyway.
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