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Scott Sr. (Banned) Oct 25, 2013 @ 12:10pm
Temple of Nameless
As far as I know, I have cleaned this place out. Found the Red Key, and tried to destroy the Dark Crystal only to be returned to the chest after defeating boss. The quest still shows that it needs completed. Is this quest broken, or is it just my crazy imagination maybe, that this game should not have been put on the market yet, because all the warm fuzzies from "Jed"whatever" does not seem to be helping this "faithful remake" get much better...
Any assistance would be great! Thanks in advance!!
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jedmeister Oct 26, 2013 @ 2:50am 
'Warm fuzzies'? :D
That gave me a laugh :)
I don't think anyone could argue that this game, nor any game, should have been released in the state it was. Unfortunately, it was, and everyone has cried over the spilt milk for a while now, including me at times.
To be honest thought, personally, I will simply be glad when I can pick up the game sometime soon and find that it is 'done' enough for me to truly enjoy it as I did the originals way back.
The devs are getting there. The question is not going to be whether or not they finish it, it is simply going to be whether people can get over having to wait 3 or more months after release for the game to be at the standard they would expect from a game in 2013.
I can get over having to wait, as I know my money will be worth it in the end, and there are other games in the meantime. I want the devs to feel encouraged at the hard work they are doing, and so I give the improvements a fair shot, and spread some 'warm fuzzies' :D

Anyway, hopefully Chris will get back to you soon when he checks and the issue will be cleared
Scott Sr. (Banned) Oct 26, 2013 @ 3:44am 
Well Jed, although I admire your positive vibes, I have a really tough time being patient with a company that will take our (at least mine) hard earned money KNOWING what state this game was in when THEY TOOK AND ACCEPTED our money.
I own a service business, and have owned and operated this business since 1991. If I pulled on my customers what these chuckleheads have pulled on us, I would not be in business, and I have to say that arguably, maybe shouldn't be.
I hope this game turns out fine, I was pretty stoked when I saw this coming, so stoked in fact that I was willing to lay my money on the table, and shake hands with these Yahoo's on the strength of the good memories I had of the first release. Shame on me.
I hope enough of us who laid our money and our trust on the line, will keep these guys' feet to the fire. FINISH THE JOB you ding dong's...FIX IT. And don't EVER ask for my money up front, and insult me by throwing this slop in front of me and try to convince me that "dinner is served".
It reminds me of a certain guy (?) trying to tell me that he has a great idea for health care....pfftt...
Personally, I would have rather sent that money to Edbassmaster on youtube for good, intellectual entertainment...
mcburress Oct 26, 2013 @ 3:51pm 
I am guessing they did not have a choice in releasing it. Money needed to go in NOW. The sequel they plan on making is the only opportunity for return on investment. To do this they have to complete the first game. Most of the work to make the first game goes towards completing the second game (houses and fixtures can be reused - possibly even whole ferry maps). I have 55 hours recorded on this game. It is enjoyable questing and traveling to what is available. As a goal oriented person I am frustrated I cannot complete the game.
Chris Firefox  [developer] Oct 27, 2013 @ 1:49am 
mcburress, how is the game not completeable? You need 7 of the 9 available map pieces and a certain document from a certain cave read to trigger the availability of the end battle. And that should be working for a long time already, so if you have a problem finishing the game, please contact our support directly (support at realmsofarkania dot com ) or post your problem finishing the game here - there shouldn't be any, and if there are, we'll iron them out with top priority.

@Tippy, yes, the Quest Display is broken, but if you fetched the statue and brought it to Eliane Windenbek in Varnhome, you achieved everything achievable.
Karol13 Oct 27, 2013 @ 6:51am 
I completed the game sometime before patch 1.20.. twice.
The Nameless quest also worked fine. The problems in the temple were not bugs, it's just that one has to be very cautios on the way of solving it. No biggie, just be careful and read all notes. After the temple is cleared, player has to return back, talk with a guy, first then the quest is "completed" the the quest book. (if no mistakes are done in the temple, that means)
These "traps" or how to call it, are usual old-school stuff. The game is basically doing a good "dungeon master" job, and trying to trick you into stupid (mostly two-goody-shoes decisions) ... so it may be like if you would play with human DM... "you see an altar, do you wish to smash it?" you say "no"... the guy on the other side of table will just smile slently... never telling you that you will never finish one or more quests due to the "no"... Well, it's not Diablo, where you just need to smash everything and are good to go.
mcburress Oct 27, 2013 @ 6:56am 
when i got to the dungeon after getting 8 of 9 map pieces there was an empty chest I think the document was supposed to come from. Without the document I was unable to reach the end battle. But that was quite awhile ago I believe at least 3 patches have been released since then.
Karol13 Oct 28, 2013 @ 5:00am 
this looks like a bug, as when I entered the final dungeon where the info about the orc camp was, the final (hidden) treasure always had the content in it. And even the quest log was updated... but that is not "Temple of Nameless" . The pre-final dungeon (orc weapon deposit... full of catapults and weapons and totems..) is south of Phexcear... while Temple of Nameless is totally to the west (island). Northwest from Thorwal.
Even 7 map pieces are enough, if one of them is showing the hidden treasure.
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