Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny
Chris Firefox  [developer] Mar 8 @ 10:38am
Patch 1.33a - March 8th, 2014 7:30pm (GMT+2)
  • Taverndialogue made cancelable without the need to leave the tavern
  • Introduced absolute carrylimit (strength x 140 in ounces)
  • Introduced sleeping in camp battles (depending on how good the guard was)
  • Weathersystem respects sound volume setting
  • Introduced helptext for the aventurian calendar (see Questbook -> Help -> Date and Time)
  • Haggle-checks for traders are now harder, kicking out is a lot sooner
  • Enchanted druid dagger “heal” now only works for Druids
  • Female trader names now are also female avatars (at General Goods, Weapons, Herbs)
  • Prevented changing faces (e.g. for Barkeeps, Innkeepers)
  • School of Farsight identify item dialogue fixed
  • Deactivated voiceover for female house owners
  • Fixed witch battle sound samples
  • Fixed battle hangs for enemies with two attacks (e.g. Sabretooth tigers)
  • Hylailan Fire is now a ranged weapon
  • Pirate cave fixed open door blocking movement
  • Missing battletexts in pirate cave fixed
  • Fixed magic staff loses enchantment when lost and then picked up with “take all”
  • Various text placeholders fixed
  • Various double icon displays on minimaps fixed
  • Fixed close window at the blacksmith
  • Fixed various clipping errors in towns
  • Fixed time bug after camps without battles
  • Fixed item info window (grey font color, item descriptions sometimes too long)
  • Fixed initiative base display in characterscreen
  • Fixed shifted voiceovers for second unicorn encounter
  • Pause travel button deactivated on leaving town fixed
  • Fixed several Thorwal sounds
  • Fixed various Dialogues (Hunters Hut, The Call in simple houses, Abandoned Hut and more)
  • Group item effects (e.g. Light) only work if coming from active characters (e.g. not dead)
  • Camp treat sickness endless loop fixed
  • DLC FtG: Baerhag-Quest-Bugs fixed
  • DLC FtG: Various Dialogues fixed (Zerif, In the woods and more)
  • DLC FtG: Forest Abvenenum fixed
  • DLC OD: Various Dialogues fixed (Challenge near Bodir, Sweet Erika, Axe to groin and more)
  • DLC OD: Dungeonexit Groenvelden fixed
  • Modding: Carrylimit configurable (globalsettings/system/maxcarryweightmultiplier)
  • Modding: Movement point progression configurable (globalsettings/system/movement)
  • Modding: Adding of new talents enabled
  • Modding: Globalsettings/character is now modable additively (so far: only completely)
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urartu Mar 8 @ 11:18am 
Keep them coming! :D
Torhild Mar 8 @ 11:18am 
Thank you for posting the patch notes, it seems like a no brainer but many other games I have dont include notes on Steam when they are patched.
Nekator Mar 8 @ 11:34am 
yay for more modding.. :)
crulty Mar 8 @ 1:01pm 
nice work
BlackDev Mar 8 @ 1:25pm 
just tried with the latest update, trading with a open marked stall causes the the game to breake as the game will go into "trade mode" but you cant open the trade menu.

so you cant trade, you cant move, you cant even leave the "trade mode". Only thing that work is left-click on charakter portraits to open inventory, the map or pressing escape for opening the main menu.
Chris Firefox  [developer] Mar 8 @ 2:09pm 
On it for fixing, thanks for reporting
Chris Firefox  [developer] Mar 8 @ 2:52pm 
and done. Fix for Blacksmith and Healer (DoF) will go online tomorrow, if it interrupts your gameplay, please just deactivate "Depth of Field" in the graphics options for now.
BlackDev Mar 8 @ 3:00pm 
Any idear how low steam will take to publish the hotfix?
Chris Firefox  [developer] Mar 8 @ 3:01pm 
Exit and restart your Steam client, the fix should be there right away. It is only about 800kb, so you probably won't even notice when it installs.
BlackDev Mar 8 @ 3:05pm 
Steam just installed it now, thx :)
thoughts79 Mar 9 @ 11:22am 
Hey Chris, the steamcloud savegames are missing again. I think it is the same issue as with the last patch. Is there a way to fix it?
Chris Firefox  [developer] Mar 9 @ 12:11pm 
I'm sorry thoughts, just tried it on my Mac, and the checkbox for steam cloud is there, this time it isn't something I can fix :(.
revanbh Mar 9 @ 12:42pm 
Originally posted by thoughts79:
Hey Chris, the steamcloud savegames are missing again. I think it is the same issue as with the last patch. Is there a way to fix it?

Could you be launching the game directly from the exe file? If you are, then there will be no Steam cloud option. The only way to have it is if you launch from Steam or Steam generated shortcut. But Steam cloud is definitely there after this patch.
tellit2008 Mar 9 @ 9:57pm 
Thank you so much for your dedication to fixing this game. I just reinstalled it today, and wow! This game has come a long way. While there are still some bugs,and room for improvement, the game is playable. I see it now as an unpolished gem (as opposed to the unplayable mess it was at release). Thanks again for your admirable and continued support of your product. Two thumbs up from me.
Chris Firefox  [developer] Mar 11 @ 5:23am 
Made some minor bugfixes:
  • Zerif Battle repeatable on victory fixed
  • Missing (and blurry) Blacksmith (in inside view) fixed
  • Blurry Healer fixed
  • Mixup on Baerhag Clan genders fixed
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