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100% Achievement Guide
by Jedo
This guide's main demographic are players interested in 100% achievement completion. It is not meant to be a walkthrough or strategy guide but it will try to highlight key factors in obtaining each achievement. If you genuinely liked this guide, please...
How to build an early foundation with minimal risk.
by Vox
This guide will help you gain an early foundation of upgrades and rations to make your time in the New World much easier....
Changing the resolution
by bmendonc
As you might have discovered, you cannot change the resolution in windowed mode. The fix is simple: to fix the resolution when in windowed mode, change the resolution when in full screen, then switch back to windowed, changing the resolution in windowed m...
Combat tips
by DragonMage
This guide gives some useful and interesting tips on how to make the best of your followers in combat :). These are from my own experience playing this game....