Nova  [developer] Jun 7, 2013 @ 9:41am
Changelog [Version 1.1.0]
Here are the changes for the new version 1.1.0
- (Steam) Fixed a bug causing quest and battles to keep looping
- (Steam) Fixed the Magnetic Personality achievement from not triggering correctly.
- (Steam) Changed the Magnetic Personality achievement to just count the six native followers in Mexico.
- (Steam) Fixed lower difficulty completion achievements unlocking when you finish the game on Pizarro or Aguirre
- (Steam) Fixed the potshot achievement being activated by the enemies
- Decreased memory consumption in Mexico, reducing crash-rates on low-end systems.
- Fixed a game logic glitch whereby the jungle village would accept your presence if you just didn't do anything the first time around.
- Fixed typo "ecsatic" in the Farmer event in Mexico.
- Fixed a missing trigger in the Aztec version of the Causeways event.
- Fixed Chocero's quest not showing up again after the main Hispaniola questline is over, if you'd already found his wife.
- Fixed some broken morale changes in the Swamp Village in Mexico.
- Fixed a bug where when a follower was assigned to explore the caverns and got injured, another follower was injured instead
- Fixed the Santo Domingo Defence quest being broken if Esteban is injured, dead, or absent after you recruit him.
- Fixed the PromoteFollower trigger so it won't give ranged abilities to followers that can't shoot (Scouts or Shamans).
- Fixed the FollowerCount condition (its final if statements were getting parsed incorrectly).
- Fixed Mexico occasionally not being unlocked when leaving Hispaniola.
- Fixed bugs related to followers not being saved in the followers dictionary causing events to stop working
- Fixed a bug that was erroneously demoting Sergeants or Lieutenants upon returning them to the party even if the player had room for them.
- Fixed bug when a doctor and the player had the same name
- Fixed a bug where the doctor got injured while still having a patient assigned
- Fixed Coordinate Attack from not applying the damage boost on ranged attacks in singleplayer.
- Fixed camera getting stuck in the Tenochtitlan market battle
- Fixed a bug that would cause the Tenochtitlan Market Battle to crash the game
- Fixed the Scouting not working properly after loading a game and fixed the scouting bonus being displayed wrong.
- Fixed bug when road appear as the current terrain even though the player was in the coast
- Fixed mexico map locked in high resolutions
- Fixed experience points being negative when playing multiplayer in Hotseat more than once.
- Fixed language switching in multiplayer games.
- Added a new branch for the Abduction event to account for the possibility that your last follower was just lost.
- Added a map marker for the Carib Ritual Site for the Abduction quest.
- Added Gamma slider in the options menu in order to adjust bright
- Added Vsync check box in the options menu
- Added new hint to Loading screen
- Increased Pan distance and speed slightly in campaign camera
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