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Del 2013年6月7日 3時01分
List of recruitable followers?
Is there a list of the recruitable followers anywhere and if not does anyone who's played most of the game care to make one?

Name, class, campaign, area or related quest would be helpful.
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Jonas  [開発者] 2013年6月7日 3時21分 
Isabela, Soldier, Hispaniola, Santo Domingo
Atl, Shaman, Hispaniola, Fishing Village ("The Gloaming")
Esteban (Kickstarter exclusive), Soldier, Hispaniola, Carib Ritual Site
Lászlo, Soldier, Hispaniola, Santo Domingo
Cacama/Tayanna, Trapper, Mexico, The Pearl Fishers
Anacaona, Civilian, Mexico, Xalapa
Miguel, Scholar, Mexico, The Scholar
Necalli, Warrior, Mexico, Fortaleza De Gutiérrez
Patli, Shaman, Mexico, Tenochtitlan ("The Spotted Curse")
Citlalli, Amazon, Mexico, The Amazons ("Kill Citlalli" / "Kill Momoztli")
Coyotl, Champion, Mexico, Texcoco ("Silence Coyotl" / "Raid the Market")
Del 2013年6月7日 3時26分 
Awesome, thanks!
MforWW 2013年6月7日 8時38分 
wow, that was quick haha. By the way, I just wanted to say thanks again for making a great game Jonas!
Cutlass Jack 2013年6月7日 10時15分 
Ah Esteban was the Kickstarter follower. That explains why I couldn't get him. Thanks for the list. Very helpful. And very fun game too.
Teufelslord 2013年6月7日 13時09分 
kickstarter follower? So it is not possible to reciut esteban in normal game?
Teufelslord 2013年6月7日 13時31分 
and if it is not possible to recuit him per story can we buy him maybe throw an coming dlc?
Jonas  [開発者] 2013年6月7日 14時50分 
We have yet to make a decision on this. We asked our Kickstarter backers through a survey if they'd be okay with us releasing him to the public eventually, but unfortunately the responses were very mixed.
Teufelslord 2013年6月7日 15時54分 
ok thx for the info
scorpiovaeden 2013年6月14日 15時40分 
Does the main character join the battle at any point? I always prefer to have "myself" in the fray.

I also notice male/female for main character, what type of story differences/marriages are available based on gender?
最近の変更はscorpiovaedenが行いました; 2013年6月14日 15時41分
RyoZ 2013年6月14日 18時04分 
Quick Question, Who exactly is Necalli and how do you recruit him? I have already bought the Fort from the Natives and restored it completely but I have yet to meet this person.


Nevermind! just found him, he eventually makes an appearence in the tavern at the fort.
最近の変更はRyoZが行いました; 2013年6月15日 1時00分
Eclair 2013年12月21日 22時35分 
For some reason I didn't get Coyotl when I compleated the raid on the market. Why?
Jonas  [開発者] 2013年12月22日 3時44分 
He'll show up at the fortress later.
Ragnaroek 2013年12月27日 18時22分 
How does one recruit Citlalli?
I found her while exploring and before entering Tenochtitlan. After a one night stand I can only trade with those Amazons. There are no recruit options for me as it seems... Is it because my character already married Tayanna?
Jonas  [開発者] 2013年12月28日 16時02分 
Spoiler ahead, obviously.

You have to accept the quest from Momoztli, the high priest in Tenochtitlan. There are a fair few ways to go through that quest, and it should be obvious which ones will lead to Citlalli joining you, and which ones will not.
Ragnaroek 2013年12月29日 3時31分 
Thank you for the answer. Ok, I didn't enter Tenochtitlan yet, but rebuilt and upgraded the fortress and explored the plains to the west and mountain region to the south of the map.

In general is there a cap of followers, because Miguel won't join my party?
最近の変更はRagnaroekが行いました; 2013年12月29日 3時43分
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