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Blazeandjazz 2013年10月26日 15時33分
wish i had a lot of money...
I would buy this game a 1000 times over.that would hurry the devs for another game
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Jonas  [開発者] 2013年10月27日 3時05分 
In that case I wish you had a lot of money too.
Lцсїап º¹ 2013年10月28日 11時58分 
I'd probably buy a boat if I had lots of money.
FroBodine 2013年10月28日 15時49分 
Boats are cool. But, if I had a lot of money I would buy this game again first, then a nice house and all the guitar equipment I wish I could afford.
JackChan 2013年10月30日 3時57分 
i doubt you will still play games if u do have lot of money...
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