Expeditions: Conquistador

Expeditions: Conquistador

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TentacleMayor Apr 20, 2014 @ 7:13am
wow this game is tough
I'm just playing on Normal and I can't quite win the event battles. I've played XCOM on Normal and Classic and at least there you're not outnumbered and outleveled from the start. Did I go too far on the map? Does my team suck? (Soldier x3, doctor, hunter, scout) What am I missing here? Oh, and why is it that Aztec warriors can move like twice as far as my soldiers before attacking?
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Your group's OK. I typically use four Soldiers (one of them using a Polearm), a Scout and something else.

I had trouble at first too, but then I started using traps and it's definitely a game changer.

Soldiers only move 4. Your opponents often are of "native" classes, so, not Soldiers. For example, a Trapper isn't just what native Hunters are called, it's a different class; don't be surprised if one of them uses and AoE attack on your team.

They aren't necessarily stronger, though. For example, an Amazon has a Hunter's respectable move and great ranged accuracy, *and* a Scout's awesome melee attack power. She also has an ability to disengage from melee and get a powerful free hit in the process. That all sounds pretty scary, but she can't wear armor above Light, so she pays for her offensive power with her low defense. And if she's cornered, she can't use her ability to disengage.

If you've taken a mostly open-minded group, try recruiting natives on your first playthrough. That'll basically tell you your opponents' exact capabilities. Very informative.
They can move twice as far because they forfeit their attack for movement.
TentacleMayor Apr 22, 2014 @ 1:18am 
OK so the natives have different classes, got it. I'm using soldier x2, scholar, scout, doctor, hunter now and I get flawless victories more often than not. Gotta say, the difficulty in this game is finely honed. In XCOM you have to learn to control the enemy's movement with Overwatch, here you use attacks of opportunity. And instead of cover, you use choikepoints, traps and a couple of dedicated tanks.
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