GrannyPigms Jan 25 @ 1:54pm
Better multiplayer
I really love Expeditions Conquistador. And my friends do too, the only problem is, the multiplayer is (to be put bluntly) terrible. Its just a battle, and ontop of that it is hard to get it started. But I can get over all of that if it is the actual game. You know, riding around together, doing missions together, maybe even siding with other sides and fighting eachother.

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Lцсїап º¹ Jan 25 @ 1:55pm 
There's an MP component?
GrannyPigms Jan 25 @ 2:45pm 
Yeah, but its just a battle.
Jonas  [developer] Jan 26 @ 5:13am 
Developing the type of multiplayer you describe would roughly double the development time - at least. This game was made on a shoestring budget, we can't afford that sort of thing.

Best to think of Conquistador as a singleplayer game with a skirmish component.
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