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<body><p>fag</p></body> 2013年12月23日 12時46分
Elsword not launching due to "white page".
Hello, everybody. I have a problem.
I am an old Elsword player from two or three years ago, haven't played the game in a while thanks to Team Fortress 2. I tried to launch it through the launcher, but sadly I can't remember my password and I need to go to the website to reset it, and the website won't work for me, a white screen just comes up when I go to www.elswordonline.com. So, I thought I would try it through steam, guess what, when I launch the game, a small windows explorer window pops up with a white screen, and I'm guessing it's linked to the website.

Can anybody PLEASE help me to launch this game? If so, thank you.

- Marosaur
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ilesliex3 2013年12月23日 13時01分 
IE sucks
<body><p>fag</p></body> 2013年12月23日 13時35分 
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IE sucks
Well, my default browser is Google Chrome, but the Elsword in Steam decides to open Internet Explorer, so I can't really change that unless you tell me how to.
ilesliex3 2013年12月23日 14時11分 
White screen probably mean the connection you have is pretty bad at the moment or that your region blocked(if thats still there).
Niko_IV 2013年12月23日 22時01分 
i have this problem xd
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