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Marosaur 23 dic 2013, ore 12:46
Elsword not launching due to "white page".
Hello, everybody. I have a problem.
I am an old Elsword player from two or three years ago, haven't played the game in a while thanks to Team Fortress 2. I tried to launch it through the launcher, but sadly I can't remember my password and I need to go to the website to reset it, and the website won't work for me, a white screen just comes up when I go to www.elswordonline.com. So, I thought I would try it through steam, guess what, when I launch the game, a small windows explorer window pops up with a white screen, and I'm guessing it's linked to the website.

Can anybody PLEASE help me to launch this game? If so, thank you.

- Marosaur
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ilesliex3 23 dic 2013, ore 13:01 
IE sucks
Marosaur 23 dic 2013, ore 13:35 
Messaggio originale di ilesliex3:
IE sucks
Well, my default browser is Google Chrome, but the Elsword in Steam decides to open Internet Explorer, so I can't really change that unless you tell me how to.
ilesliex3 23 dic 2013, ore 14:11 
White screen probably mean the connection you have is pretty bad at the moment or that your region blocked(if thats still there).
Niko_IV 23 dic 2013, ore 22:01 
i have this problem xd
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