Shall I buy this or GTAV?
hi everyone im deciding between this or gta v to buy for my 13 year old nephew all opinions appreciated its for his 14th birthday thx
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MasacruAlex 2013年9月17日 12時47分 
lol i'll be an ♥♥♥ and tell you that GTA V is definitelly not for a 14 year old kid :P but who listens to that anyway? But yeah I'd suggest GTA V duh, but you can't compare the two, morally speaking I'd recommend this, assuming your newphew is too young but who gives a crap if he's underage that game is a master piece.
TheGameRoom 2013年9月17日 12時49分 
This obviously, you should sell your home as well and invest in the stock of this developer, I see them being around for a very long time.
CRL.Gigamonk 2013年9月17日 12時51分 
This untill gts V comes out to PC obviously ;) I am actually more tempted to buy this than GTA (sorry gta fans)
Xocezert ☑ 2013年9月17日 13時06分 
GTA all the way. You can race in GTA as wel lol and it has a lot more vehicles.
Tomthy 2013年9月17日 13時07分 
Get him GTA 5 this game is not good also he would love it 20X more.
hmmm doesnt gta v have swearing in it? its an 15? :S
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Xocezert ☑ 2013年9月17日 13時17分 
Every kid of that ages knows and loves GTA and will play it anyway at friends. I played GTA in my childhood and it all worked out fine for me.
Lottie 2013年9月17日 13時22分 
Don't get GTA or I will have to report you, that game is 18+ only.
GameLord 2013年9月17日 13時23分 
Grab both.
Shiraz 2013年9月17日 13時35分 
Definitely GTA V. There are literally thousands of more extremely fun features in GTA V than this. There is also a mature language and censor blood and nudity feature in GTA V so that game is a much, MUCH better choice for your nephew.
Shyy 2013年9月17日 13時36分 
I wouldn't suggest either game. This particular one looks too childish for a 15 year old. GTA V on the other hand has too many adult themes for a teenager.
ManiacMal 2013年9月17日 13時57分 
nice trolling and having everyone fall for it. +1
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013年9月17日 14時01分 
Buy neighter. Get him leizure suit larry or Clusters Revenge. I heard they have great replay value and that kids love them :)
Nerevars Goat Trust Friend 2013年9月17日 14時14分 
Chowder7116™ の投稿を引用:
Buy neighter. Get him leizure suit larry or Clusters Revenge. I heard they have great replay value and that kids love them :)
Did you really just do that?
tixe 2013年9月17日 14時16分 
Buy this, don't be a fanboy!
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