Takedown: Red Sabre

Takedown: Red Sabre

Mendozacheers Nov 3, 2013 @ 8:37am
Suggestions how to turn this game around.
So we all know how unfortunate this game have been. getting released in this state is gonna recude A LOT of players and future pruchases. However, I feel that it's still possible to turn around. Sadly, the amount of money gained from the pre-orderes might not be enough.

I suggest going full on "apologize" mode. I know the developers have tried it a litte bit with giving away copies to the pre-orders. But I think making a little at a time is not gonna do such big of a difference. I suggest making several additions, changes, bonuses, features whatever and then stack them up until a BIG patch. I know it is possible, there just have to be patience, time and money.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Fix all the bugs. Obviously this is number 1 priority, and I know a lot has been fixed already. Get a proper testing team together to test every single aspect of this game. The bugs are the only thing that made this game fail so hard. There can't be a single bug left.

2. Get back your base audience, the ones who backed your kickstared, the ones who pre-ordered and everyone who owns the game. These guys are the most disappointed, they should be "bribed" to return to your game. You have to flatter them A LOT for that to happen. Just a tiny thing could make someone leave a game, and he/she requires 10x back to return. Do this with more free content, maps, weapons, game modes, settings, stats, EVERYTHING.

3. Get a new audience, people who did not get your game will not ever get it unless something is done. There's TOO MUCH bad rep regarding this game, on metacritic, on steam etc. Make them change their minds. This could be accomplished by a free weekend, giveaways, promotions, live streams etc. You will need a new audience to build up the old one.

4. Content is key. More content never goes wrong, as long as it's good of course. Make more maps, more weapons, more customizations, more server settings, more game modes! Get a hold of other game studios for a colaboration. Maybe get a Rainbow Six map ported over, that will light some fire in the fans. Get a SWAT4 game mode, where you have to cuff enemies and use non-leathal methods to get to your goal etc. There are many options here. BE VERY CREATIVE! Creativity is what makes a game explode.

5. Get more features. Minor ones, Major ones whatever. Steam Achievements, Steam Leaderboards, Steam Cloud, Steam Trading Cards, etc. You are already on Steam, take advantage of that. These features are easier to make than more game content. Achievement hunters will play whatever, as long as there is achievements. Same goes for Badge Collectors. Steam Leaderboards could be useful for speed running the maps, which is optimal for this type of game.

6. Get publicity again. Try get a hold of some YouTubers to cover your game during late beta. Get them to show their audience what you have improved! Let them speak freely about your game, don't put them under sillt NDA's (nobody likes those).

7. As I first mentioned, DON'T release 1 thing at a time (Except the bug fixing perhaps). 1 Small update a week will not make people notice your game again. YOU HAVE to make a BIG UPDATE, a bomb. People will look at the patch notes and the free content and they will be amazed about the length, the time and the efforts you have put on this game. IT will work, if everything is done properly.

I believe in this. It's going to be hard as hell, you will not get any money from your player base, and people will look down on your game for months. However, if you succeed - this big update, including the support from streamers and youtubers, This game will turn around.

This thread is mainly for the developers, if they are not listening to their fans - they will not manage this. Also, please don't TL;DR this, to narrow it down would actually be a mistake in this case, you are however welcome to post your suggestions here.
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