lainokyin140 Feb 27 @ 3:25am
Anyone want some Takedown action, add me
ye title says it all, just wanna have some takedown fun :) Lets get a squad going guys come on
*Edit: Feel free to join this takedown group, where you find other takedown players:
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Deadpool Feb 27 @ 11:09am 
J4CKB4U3Rbr Feb 28 @ 9:38am 
L'esprit de l'escalier Feb 28 @ 7:35pm 
lainokyin140 Feb 28 @ 8:29pm 
ok got 4 guys plus one of my original friend, come on guys add add add make this squad bigger
TrufflesLLB Mar 3 @ 12:01pm 
new to this, added
Do I need a mic?
lainokyin140 Mar 4 @ 1:17am 
no not a must
TrufflesLLB Mar 4 @ 9:38am 
yep but definitely nice to have one
Lord_Rus Mar 6 @ 12:28pm 
Chemo Mar 8 @ 8:46pm 
SpalingerDejan Mar 11 @ 10:06am 
added :DD
Jason Running Mar 11 @ 8:21pm 
addded and how about start a group?
L'esprit de l'escalier Mar 11 @ 11:28pm 
a legit group would be pretty awesome :P Most of the takedown groups dont even schedule events
Xyricon *G* Mar 11 @ 11:55pm 
lainokyin140 Mar 12 @ 2:12am 
Aight then, a group then it will be! Will send invites to everybody! :)
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