PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+

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Руководство по достижениям в игре PAC-MAN
by Klinok101
Нормально описание достижений к игре PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ от человека который в нее играл, и следовательно понимает, о чем пишет. В основном, я ...
how 2 git gud
by cool moppy_
how 2 git gud at pacman: pro edition...
PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ Achievements Guide
by VálterP ' PussyCat ' <3.Godlike
Hello, So i'm such a big fan of Pac-Man that i had an idea of making a guide for it!...
by GTX990m
Guia de conquistas - Pac Man Championship Edition DX+ [PT-BR]
by Gabriel
Aproveitando que o jogo está em Free Weekend por 1 semana, fiz esse guia para auxiliar os jogadores a conseguir todas as 12 conquistas do jogo. É um guia simples e direto, visto que todas as conquistas são bem fáceis de se conseguir e não requerem ta...
Pac-Man CE DX+: Maximising Scoring Opportunities
by Pinballwiz45b
Know your maps, where the big points are, and get the highest possible scores within the time limit....
How to get medal achievement without signing in with your facebook account?
by ykn.
As title says! Dated as of 26 May 2015, I think this may be a glitch to unlock the medals. ...
by Gaolink
关于本游戏成就的一点点主观体会, 机翻害死人 ...
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