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Raf  [developer] Jul 7, 2013 @ 1:02pm
How to: Report Technical Issues
We have a Reporting tool located on the Horizon Game Launcher.

If you encounter a Technical issue or a Gameplay Bug you can send us the report by clicking the 'Report an issue' link. It will gather the DirectX diagnostics, the Horizon logs folder and your saved games.

Please provide a clear subject and a description or a link detailing the problem so we can try to reproduce it. If you want us to try and contact you with solutions for technical issues please remember to * include an email address * otherwise the report is anonymous.

Note: It is ideal to send us a report right after you encounter an issue. Exit the game and from the launcher press "Report an Issue".

Alternatively if you cannot use the launcher, you can go to the Horizon installed folder
1. Right-click on Horizon, click Properties
2. Select Local Files, Browse local Files
3. Run the ErrorReportingTool.exe manually
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Horizon > Technical Support > Topic Details