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KOUDY Jul 9, 2013 @ 1:09pm
More Ships and bigger fleet.
I think this game needs more ships i know this game in alpha but this can improve fight something like Frigate,Corvete,Destroyer,Carrier,Fighter for carrier,Bomber for carrier,Leviathan,Spy probes,and fleet must be bigger than 10 ships i thin better wil be 20 ships or more if you have some idea about all of this write it down to the comments
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markdb92 Jul 9, 2013 @ 1:23pm 
You can make those ships when you design your fleet. You currently have 4 types for each size you can design. For example carrier could be the mothership with fighter pods and the destoyer would be the one with loads of weapons on it instead. The fighter/bomber would fit in the scout size. corvete would be in cruiser slot. A spy drone would be a scout with sleath tech on it.

I do think there should be templates for design ship page for common designs.
Hand Jul 10, 2013 @ 9:42am 
he means more ship classes (different sized and looking models) I think. I happen to agree the 4 different ship models we have now arent enough, any self respecting space empire would have huge fleets with many different sized ships. also on the fleet size thing, yeah 10 ships isnt a fleet imho 10 ships is a squadron. a fleet to me would be 50+ ships.
Gilleous Jul 10, 2013 @ 11:04am 
Umm Fleets, or TF are only for sharing supply and act as a management tool at the moment. Nothing stops you from sending 5 TF to a system for a total of 50 ships to attack a system. And you willl have a 'fleet of 50 ships' in a battle.

Unlike other games, TFs or Fleets is not what that engages the enemy, so you don't get a fleet versus a fleet or a system with the other ships hanging in reserve. In this game all ships in a sector take part in the battle in that sector. If you send in 50 ships, you will have 50 ships fighting in that battle. Nothing stops you from sending more than 1 fleet in and nothing stops you from from having all those ships engage.

I do agree on the ship size part, but to an extant, some of the ship types described tend to be the same size. Carriers and Dreadnaughts are the same hull sizes, just different functions. You want a Carrier take the biggest ship and put in a lot of fighters and support weapons, want a dreadnaught, take the same hull and stick in a lot of weapons. The only reason they tend to appear as different sizes in other games is they use different visual assests for each (also each ship has a pre-desginated function).

In this game you can customise your ship for the role you want it. Carrier is not a hull size, it is a role designation. What I would of liked is having more than one visual asset per hull size, so a Carrier would look different from a Battleship. But as it stands, you have 4 different hull size groups with 4 designs for each (but the 4 designs look the same within a given size). You technically have 16 different types of ship, both a Carrier or a Battleship will be a Huge Hull (again, the problem is that we only have one visual asset, not letting us make them look different).

In short, it be nice if we had more models per size catergories to make different ship types within the same size look different. So different ship types feel more unique.
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Ironclad Jul 10, 2013 @ 9:09pm 
^^ In short, it be nice if we had more models per size catergories to make different ship types within the same size look different. So different ship types feel more unique.^^

I agree with this 100%. Please add more ship models too the game.
markdb92 Jul 11, 2013 @ 3:54am 
Well this still in testing stages so there is a good chance there will be additions to it. There most likly changes to more demanding areas than this such as non functional features before they likey come back to this one for updates. I had heard talk they opening game up to steam workshop though once game is finally released. Who knows maybe later in future you could make your own ship look in ship blueprint pages based on tech you own.
crimsonsun Jul 12, 2013 @ 9:12pm 
I would also like more ships, I feel that a ship thats slightly larger than a transport but smaller than a cruiser would fit as a ship of the line so to speak and defiantely something bigger than a mothership - Command vessal, a carrier definately but maybe an alternatvie. I also would love too see lots more orbital platforms, for defence or supply/trade/scanning/Ordience these would not only look great but really allow you to pump your most important solar systems full of orbital defence platforms making any strike in such a system require careful planning.

but more than that I would like far more development on the Ordience - From torpedos to intercept fighters, bombers, torpedo bombers, mines - (and the ability to lay mine fields)

I would LOVE more development on the planetary invasion stuff, from actually building/developing the various forces, from launching the drop ships with escorting fighters/bombers to achieve landing against defences and ground air as well as fighting a very simple on the planet grid based/style invasion with those troops that get though... but thats wishlisting really!!

Also on planetary invasions I do not like that you cannot attempt an invasion without destroying all the planets defences, I feel especially in the above planetary invasion example that going against defences, orbital and ground as well as fighting ship to ship will make a truly amazing and fullfilling invasion experience and will really empthesise how big a deal invading an alien solar system would be!
Gabriel5138 Jul 17, 2013 @ 2:14am 
I can understand both sides of this fleet discussion. I can see how the smaller fleet sizes, or tactical fleets helps keep managing to a basic level. But putting more ships into fleet helps moving ships, and looks cooler with them all in formation. My thought is make TF inside bigger fleets. Also maybe breakdown each TF to be able to go into their own formations so long range ships in the back can do a wall formation where as lead ships could do a V formation and still be part of the same bigger fleet. Also you can break them down into almost a command system. Where maybe a command ship helps improve the other ships, so on and so forth. Where each TF has a command like ship that if destroyed confusses the ship so a little bit, something like that.

As far as ship classes, I would like so see a list kinda like this; Fighter, corvette, cruiser, destroyer, Battleship, Capital ship (like Dreadnought or something like that) and also maybe a Flagship where you can only have one of. Something special for that ship, not sure what. just kinda shooting off ideas. Also maybe have different types of each class with different load points and what not, like a heavy cruiser that have more defences or scout fighter that access more engines. Something like that. Each one with different classes. you more ships, each with different roles without having to change the ships entirely. Just a thought
Baron Von Beedy Jul 26, 2013 @ 8:55am 
50+ ship fleets
Ability to save a custom ship design
Different skins for ships look
Classes: Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer, Lt Cruiser, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Battleship,Carrier, Dreadnaught, Titan
Missle travel sequence smoother - like Master Orion II's
Fleet retreat possibility
More information on the battle to capture an enemy ship or protect your own.
Mini strategic plantet assaults. Like Strategic General only better lol
Create, save and develope unit experience and efficiency. Old successful units are king.
Allow the creation of ground units (divisions) like space ships with slots to add tanks, hovers, battle drones as batalion addons to alter the combat strength and ability. Even aircraft and shields.
Refit old active ships and divisions
Make system and planet names editable anytime
Make multiple human theme profiles (Alliance, Empire, Capitalist, Communist)
Ultimately make a custom player profile
Hikarr Jul 29, 2013 @ 7:47pm 
They mentioned (either here or on the official forums) that they're working on
a retreat command (but that it'll take time since they are redesigning stuff)
and that you can already rename planets within a system, just not the star.
So you can have the system Manticore with the planet Sphinx etc..
Being able to rename the stars also might be nifty though..

As for the ground troops, you want to remove the bonuses they currently
get from all the tech you research to only pick a few upgrades instead
of allowing the quarter masters for your planetbound forces to bring it all?

"Sorry Sir, but we can't let you load those rifles since you opted for the bikes.
You are however welcome to switch your choice. May I suggest the tanks?"
Lithari Jul 30, 2013 @ 7:37am 
Well, 10 ships per fleet is good enough for me, i tend to be so far ahead of the other races that 10 ships is all i really need. lol

Hell sometimes i don't even have to fire a shot until they have given me every colony except the homeworld. lol
markdb92 Jul 31, 2013 @ 2:41pm 
My fav race who was my ally did that and then declared war on me after. I guess they wanted all the new worlds I colonized if they won against me.
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