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:The Sorrowing Meadows Guide 1: The Necromancer:
by MirrorDust
So, having trouble getting past a Necromancer in The Sorrowing Meadows? Here, I'll explain how to get rid of those annoying little- HOW DID HE FIND ME OH GOD *Note: Terrible MS Paint drawing. I'm so sorry D:...
Easy End Game 1000 hit combo (works with maxed stats)
by Zibbitz
get an easy 1000 hit combo no matter what your stats are! Dust storm not included...
Русификатор для Dust: An Elysian Tail
by ✲Mace-the-Dreamkeeper✲
Инструкция для русификации данной игры....
Pointing the Blade at Hardcore
by Ruby-Red Rose
You've either slashed through hordes of enemies, or are gutsy enough to skip right to the hardest difficulty, whichever you've accomplished this guide is meant to assist those struggling with Hardcore mode....
Finding All of the Cages
by Jobe the Coyote
Need help finding all of the cages? In this guide, I'll explain where and how to get to each cage in a video....
4-Star Challenge Arena Guide
by Jobe the Coyote
Having a little trial trouble? This guide may help you get 4-Star ratings for all six of the challenge arenas....
Yet another 1k Combo guide [Video]
by ND1Razor
Managed to grab the achievement as soon as I got to the sorrowing meadow. No perquisites....
Easy Early 1000+ Hit Combo
by Recollection
As the title says....
No Mercy! How to use your combos correctly.
by {Dust:AET} HomelessSkittle
Having your head handed to you on a silver platter by the enemy? Can't get a decent combo going? If you answered "Yes." to either of these questions, pay attention! I'm going to make a Sen-Mithrarin out of you! ...
How to get the Side Missions Achievements!
by Válter ~ Happy Holidays | PT |
Hello folks, This is small guide on how to achieve all Side Quest missions and get the achievement. There are three related to side missions....
How to convert the graphic assets from XNB to PNG
by Chelsea Chamberlain
This guide will help you to enjoy the drawings of the game by converting the XNB asset into readable PNG....
Русификатор для Dust: An Elysian Tail
Ссылка на скачивание и инструкция по установке. --- Данный русификатор содержит перевод текста....
How to change your language to English
by Ashraz
This guide describes how to change your language to English....
How to get a 1000+ Combo Easy (For Higher Levels)
by WyldeFyres
Another guide on how to get a 1000+ combo easily once you make it to the Sorrowing Meadow. Requires Ugly Pendant....
What to bring to Cirelian Trials
by Guides for Games
Extra resources to help you get through there in time! =D...
Another way to get the 1000+ Combo Achievement
by Uhrwerknacht
This guide will tell you how to get the 1000+ Combo Achievement on Dust: An Elysian Tail VERY early in the game....
Play with any USB controller on Linux using xboxdrv to emulate a XBOX controller
by Revernus
Dust is meant for be played using a XBOX controller. If you have one, excelent, but if you don't, some controllers won't work 100% out of the box. For example, PS2 controller + USB adapter missplaces some buttons: A is where Y should be, X is where A shou...
+1000 combo with Fidget upgraded
by OnozimakTransante
I had only 5 gems in Fidget when i done this, but it can help most of you....
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