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Maniak89 2013年7月17日 11時59分
The game is strictly limited surprising number of keys? Their is so much to be able to open all the chests and the cells?
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Veizer 2013年7月19日 4時05分 
If you concentrate on opening the cells you should be good. Also bear in mind that the map shows if you have missed something in the area.
Rotoou 2013年7月19日 4時23分 
Yes there are enough keys to open everything and still have some leftovers.
And the previous one said - you can check the map to see if there is a "Secret" which was not found in a certain area. Keys are considered a "secret".
Venomaxiv 2013年7月19日 6時44分 
Yup there are 4 keys left when you have 100% treasure in whole game. So be sure that you will be able to open everything. Remember it is platform game, someplaces are kinda difficult to access.
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Maniak89 2013年7月19日 6時53分 
Nicholas Steel 2013年7月20日 0時15分 
Merchants also sell keys if you don't want to go hunting. (Unsure if it is ever required to purchase a key to 100% the game)
Sera 2013年7月20日 1時11分 
Funny enough, I needed the merchant even with 100% keys gathered. 3 keys needed to be bought so I could unlock every chests and cells of the game after getting everything.
vmjbm 2013年7月20日 1時42分 
In fact you have to buy some keys to the merchants if you want the 100%. He has 6 keys and i have 4 remaining in the inventory after having the 100%
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