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The Grape Gatsby 2013年7月17日 2時53分
So, I personally find Fidget really adorable! Anyone else think the same?
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FancySkunk 2013年7月17日 2時53分 
Kael Skute 2013年7月17日 2時55分 
I love her face. I wanna' cuddle and snuggle her. :3
randomizer 2013年7月17日 3時02分 
Kael Skute の投稿を引用:
I love her face.

She loves yours. She loves everyone's faces. Forever...
SaturdaySlam 2013年7月17日 3時10分 
She is a Nimbat, that says all :D
Draco_2k 2013年7月17日 3時36分 
Let's conduct a scientific study based on this drawing found on a cave wall in 18th century Italy.

-Cave Drawing-[img7.joyreactor.cc]

Unfortunately, the test group size and lack of control group makes the end results unavailable due to non-compliance with standard scientific protocols, as well as lack of statistical significance accepted by the current consensus of international academic community.

So, I'm afraid there is no certain answer.

But the correct answer is "Yes."
Ahvz 2013年7月17日 3時40分 
She grew on me.
Draco_2k 2013年7月17日 3時43分 
It goes ding when there's stuff. の投稿を引用:
She grew on me.
...That was a very disturbing mental image.
Ahvz 2013年7月17日 3時45分 
Draco_2k の投稿を引用:
...That was a very disturbing mental image.

Hah! You're welcome.
ワニ 2013年7月17日 5時06分 
She is so not lovely to me.
The man with a plan 2013年7月17日 5時12分 
She's quite funny but sometimes I think:"please shut up for a moment" :p
Bob Loblaw 2013年7月17日 5時20分 
Quistic の投稿を引用:
She's quite funny but sometimes I think:"please shut up for a moment" :p

I don't know, I don't find her to be Navi material.
I love her dialogue!
Freyar 2013年7月17日 5時21分 
Her interjections are welcome, a much needed contrast to Dust's "I'm so serious" character design.
FeepingCreature 2013年7月17日 6時36分 
Bob Loblaw™ の投稿を引用:
I don't know, I don't find her to be Navi material.

I think inasmuch as she's something of a deliberate Navi parody, she suffers from the fact that she parodies her _too_ well. The voice could have been made a bit less annoying without losing the comparison. Ah well, 'tis true that she does grow on you.
最近の変更はFeepingCreatureが行いました; 2013年7月17日 6時36分
Son of a Sepherd 2013年7月17日 10時28分 
From far, the second best sideckick character i´ve ever see.
Guess the first
Furycat 2013年7月17日 10時48分 
Clearly a really good character, the fact that she's completely different from Dust and the sword makes her even better !
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