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Noogy  [開発者] 2013年5月27日 11時15分
Patch Notes (1.04)
Dust: An Elysian Tail 1.04 Patch Notes
-Increased environmental damage invulnerability time on higher difficulty settings
-Removed "1 HP Save" from damage on Hardcore Difficulty
-Resolved issue where NPC/Friends were not utilizing all of their idle animations
-Resolved issue where a consumable would inadvertently be removed from player's inventory when 'Auto-heal' was enabled
-Resolved potential issue where the 1000 hit achievement wouldn't register if the 200 hit hadn't been previously earned
-Fixed a typo in the inventory UI and in the user manual
-Resolved potential issue of player dropping out of a map in Abadis Forest
-Resolved potential sequence break in world map while switching control methods
-Added compatibility and resolved startup issues with multi-monitor setups

Dust: An Elysian Tail 1.03 Patch Notes
-Resolved issue where player is unable to unlock chests and cages
-Resolved issue of quest icon not appearing over quest givers

Dust: An Elysian Tail 1.02 Patch Notes
-Resolved Unusually High CPU Usage During General Gameplay
-Locked Mouse Cursor to Window at Full Screen
最近の変更はNoogyが行いました; 2013年9月6日 15時22分
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Archeus 2013年5月27日 11時37分 
*claps* good for you sir. Thanks!
Katzix Nimblefeet 2013年5月27日 11時37分 
No more random lag?

Kein Zantezuken 2013年5月27日 11時38分 
Noogy  [開発者] 2013年5月27日 11時41分 
@Ellezard, I have a suspicion this update might help a lot of people with stuttering and random hiccups, but I'll continue testing. I can verify that CPU usage for the most part should be resolved, so no more needing to limit your cores when starting up!

nornagest 2013年5月27日 11時42分 
Thank you!
Tenmar 2013年5月27日 11時53分 
Pardon me Noogy but I have one big complaint that has been bothering me while I'm playing your game. The issue I'm having is that say I'm done after a good hour long play session of your game I quit the game. However when I come back to play again Dust:AET will not start up. Steam will not also won't quit as an application because it states that Dust:AET is still running. So short of CTRL+ALT+DEL for steam and restarting steam I can't quit out of steam and play another session of your game.

I have tried the support given by steam by deleting the Appcache folder multiple times but the same error occurs.

1.Quit out of Dust
2.Try to start Dust=error
3.Try to quit steam=denied
4. CTRL ALT DEL steam
5. Re-log into steam
6. Restart Dust=success

I will say that it can be quite frustrating and I just don't know who to tell this to. Steam or yourself.
HUNSzellem 2013年5月27日 11時58分 
Hi I have a problem with runing the game when I try to start the game nothing happens anyone knows why this happens?
Deadeye[3,1] 2013年5月27日 12時02分 
Good job.
I didnt have any problems with the game, and only had 1 "stopped working" error through 15 hours of gameplay, and that was right after the fancy "Chapter 4" screen.
Never saw my CPU go to 100% either. Running an i7-3930k.
The fans on my graphic card however, GTX680, were running high speed constantly, only slowing a bit down when I had inventory up or had a conversation going.

I'm having more trouble getting 100% in every part of the world lol... 2 friends to find still aswell.
And the ending, so well done. That was fantastic. An amazing game, with an amazing ending.
Boy I wish Mass Effect 3 could have done that.
Fatonium 2013年5月27日 12時09分 
Sorry if this has been reported before...Basically, everytime I open inventory or main menu, the game thinks that I have a gamepad plugged in and unless I move my mouse around, the mouse cursor won't show up on the screen. It's surely not gamebreaking but it's kind of annoying.
Diego 2013年5月27日 12時12分 
I got a crash after I bought and sold a lot of items.
Bisected 2013年5月27日 12時12分 
That was a quick update. Is it live now?
Lain_P7 2013年5月27日 12時14分 
Any word on fixing Steam Cloud? Video settings syncing up with your saves shouldnt be there. Video settings should stay local.
SiegeTVW 2013年5月27日 12時27分 
It works! Thanks so much for the quick update!
Grandmaster of Pwn 2013年5月27日 12時29分 
hey, problem solved for me too. my computer fan isnt going nuts anymore. thanks for the quick support!
ShiroMiMiUsagi 2013年5月27日 12時33分 
Thanks for the quick update. Now just fix the chest bug and everything will be perfect, actually Fidget is in this game so it's already perfect...Ok I changed my mind, keep the bug I don't care XD
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