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Miskude's Patch for HeXen: Beyond Heretic
by Miskude
This patch makes HeXen: Beyond Heretic work on modern computers and adds extra tweaks. (STEAMWORKS ENABLED)...
HeXen: Beyond Heretic - Walkthrough
by Biendeo
THIS WALKTHROUGH IS INCOMPLETE, BUT FEEL FREE TO USE THE INFORMATION CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. Ever got stuck on the Seven Portals? Thought that the Slaughtaurs were annoying? Couldn't seem to find those secret levels? This is a walkthrough teachi...
HeXen: Beyond Heretic - Cheat Codes and Commands
by SlenderTurtle
This guide will show you how to implement many different cheat codes and commands that you wish to use while playing HeXen: Beyond Heretic. Enjoy! Original Poster and Original Creator of this guide: Slender Turtle...