HexeR Jan 21 @ 6:26pm
First Person Slashers Megathread
I'm a big fan of FPS's (First Person Slashers), and thought I'd get a megathread going that lists and talks about them.

Games that qualify as First Person Slashers:
-Hexen 2
-Thief 2
-Dark Messiah: Of Might and Magic
-Witchaven 2
-Dead Island
-Dead Island Riptide
-TES Series (primarily oblivion and Skyrim)
-Shadow Warrior 2013 (Technically)

What a First Person Slasher is; A First Person Slasher is a game in which the only, or primary, mode of view is from a first person perspective, while combat relies primarily on melee or hand-to-hand confrontation. These games can be from any era, on any console, and can be as small as a mod or as large as a triple A title.
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