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Tetrobot and Co. Walkthrough
by Ozgarden
Tetrobot is the most popular and robust driller robot on earth, but perfection does not exist. That’s why I, Maya, created its microscopic brother: Psychobot. Help me guide Psy inside Tetrobot’s gears and circuits: by absorbing blocks of matter and...
Challenge Achievements Guide
by Prinny
Youtube videos on how to get the stage-specific achievements...
Tetrobot and Co. Level Editor - Icons & Shortcuts
by Captain Will
Learn more about the Tetrobot and Co. Level Editor interface, basic tools and keyboard shortcuts...
Look Ma, no hands
by Pianfensi
The trickiest part is to get the third memory block. This is how it goes. Der komplizierteste Teil ist die Stelle mit dem dritten Block. So funktioniert's....
Exiting 6-5 The Wrong Way
by Fish R Friends
And this is where I would put a super secret room... IF I HAD ONE!!! How to quit the game without quitting the game...