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nitram  [developer] Oct 16, 2013 @ 4:41am
Tetrobot and Co. - Changelog
In this thread, we will put the changelog describing the fix and modification we brought to the game.
The version number can be viewed at the bottom of the option screen or in the hub screen of the game.

1.1.2 (2014/01/23)
- fix: force-refresh the file details if the cache is obsolete (see http://steamcommunity.com/app/235980/discussions/0/810938082506492673/#c558746088932539325)

1.1.0 (2013/12/17)
- feature: beta worskhop integration for making and sharing levels

- fix: rewinding the psychobot in a cannon was allowing him to move while in cannon
- fix: clicking on pipe between screens will make the psychobot enter the pipe instead of saying "?"
- fix: avoid the cannon shield to disappear after a block go out the water/slime blocks
- fix: contact between 2 not connecting pipes was not making smoke
- fix: allow psychobot to spit a block when he's next to BigMama
- fix: spitting a block by dragging it from the inventory was not générating a keyframe for rewind
- fix: avoid the psychobot to be considered as "stuck in water/slime" (with the player forced to use 'undo button') when there was only a room of 1 block after the water/slime part
- fix: have a little cooldown delay between spits to avoid rejected blocks to stick each other
- fix: make sure the ingame buttons (rewind/retry, etc) are displayable when entering a new level
- fix: laser beam sometimes not acting correctly regarding the pathfinding
- fix: avoid to allow to orientate cannon and still listen to input in the inventory. This was leading to an exploit allowing to spit from a cannon
- fix: psychobot avoid cannon trail when computing path

1.0.11 (2013/11/08)
- try fix: try fixing the missing UI bug by forcing reappearance on each level start

1.0.10 (2013/11/08)
- fix: when using mirrors with laser beams, the pathfind was sometimes not finding any solution when we wanted to make a long path
- fix: avoid to allow to manipulate the cannon and still listen to input in the inventory
- small cosmetic tweaks (mostly fixing some z-order menu issues)
- increased gamepad deadzone (from 1% to 10%) to avoid drifting

1.0.9 (2013/11/01)
- fix: wood propagate to tnt
- fix: pathfind will avoid cannon attraction shield unless there is no other choice

1.0.8 (2013/10/31)
- switching to gamepad requires pushing a button (A/B/X/Y/back/start), not an axis (fixes issues with exotic controllers)
- fix: rewinding while a TNT block was blinking would sometimes not reset the TNT properly
- fix a rare cinematic crash
- trying some more to fix the "vanishing UI" bug...
- fix exception on exit

1.0.7 (2013/10/28)
- fix: rejecting a mirror near an electrical beam was not electifying the metal part anymore
- fix: particle sometimes too big on block reject
- fix: robot pictures notification
- better handling when Steam API fails to initialize

- fix level 1-5 3rd memory block room. The Psychobot was unable to spit a block while retaining other blocks on his head. (will fix all the other similar case in game)

- fix attempt: UI is missing
- level fix: 8-4: avoid unfortunate automatic pathfind to the exit
- level fix: 8-3: less timing required
- fix: make the slime die when encountering a block while flying on a cloud, or overlapping with a door
- fix: in level 7-1 (and all similar configurations): avoid the slime to fall from the cloud
- fix: ice block can't receive slime splash anymore
- fix: cannon grabbing the blocks too soon when Psychobot near the cannon entrance

- feature: pathfind was not taking the laser/electrical beam into consideration. Now it is
- fix: when spitting an block near a laser beam, the block will have the same behavior as if it was rejected from a bigger distance (the behavior was different in some cases, for example launching an Ice block was turning it into Cloud but if another Cloud was on his way, it was crushed!)
- fix: generic receivers were not undoing correctly in some cases when activated by Iron electrified blocks
- levelfix: renaming "Super K(ey) Code" into "Super K(ey)nami Code" ;)
- levelfix: a trigger showing the "Peter" block' Faceblox page was not triggering correclty

- fix: blocks retained in water/slime by the slime will explode
- fix: psychobot was letting a 'over his head' block in the air when grabbed by a cannon
- fix: deactivate the rewind when psychobot hits the exit portal
- fix: some device were keeping their slime stick splash after rewind
- fix: electric receiver was not rewound correctly (visible in level 7-1)
- fix: cannon not responding to input anymore after spitting a block outside of a screen and using the 'rewind' button instead of the 'return to psychobot' button
- fix: cannon reject shield staying on a block forever (inventory, and level) when rewinding while the block was under water/slime
- level fix: Mamamia, remove a useless cannon
- achievement fix: changed the 'Pacificator' achievement by something doable (unlock in level 5-3 intead of 6-4)
- typo fix: in french translation
- localization fix: re-encode the file in UTF-8 to prevent some glyph from being not displayed correctly (German in particular)
- texture fix: 'next level' button is now yellow, not red. Retry button is not glowing when mouse over

- support for "-safe" command line argument to launch the game in a 1024x768 window
- added support for 5/4 screens
- crashfix: steam cloud will silently fail when a proxy is preventing steam from talking to the outside of your network company
- ehence the drawing of the mecanic playground and the ghost switches
- fix attempt: psychobot/blocks sometimes directly grabbed back by a barrel
- fix attempt: psychobot shouldn't be able to grab a wood in fire
- added an icon in the music library
- fix some particles effects

- fix: when rewinding while hit by a laser reflected by a mirror, the robot was teleported outside of any screen
- fix: the decal shadow on the robot and the slime was not displaying anymore

Initial release
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TheRealDannyyy Nov 8, 2013 @ 9:28am 
Hello nitram, I just updated this: http://steamcommunity.com/app/235980/discussions/0/810938810500107683/
Please take a look soon :) .
nitram  [developer] Nov 8, 2013 @ 12:40pm 
Hi! Thanks for noticing me your thread! I add this in the todo list!
TheRealDannyyy Nov 8, 2013 @ 12:44pm 
Originally posted by nitram:
Hi! Thanks for noticing me your thread! I add this in the todo list!
You can delete my comment here if you want, thanks for your reply.
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