Javelol Feb 6 @ 4:04pm
Bug, I can't load my save...
Hi, I got these bug for a long time now and i can't fix ti by any way i know (reinstall, check drivers...)
When i start the game i go to the loading save screen, then when I click on my saved file, the game "freez". Well it doesn't actualy freez, It's like he gonna load the file but he can't...
I can move my mouse, the music of the game is still on, I can't click anywhere...
I bought this game.
Can you help me to play it, please ?

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General_Lecter_ Feb 7 @ 3:33am 
Has it ever worked for you? Does it work if you click on a different save file? I have no idea about what you could do, but starting a new game and reaching the point you previously were isn't going to be so time-consuming now that you know the solutions to the puzzles... and you can always try to gather some extra memory blocks by the way... ;)
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