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Mono Turbo - A Beginner's Guide to Stealth
por Fyresale
New to Mono Turbo? Struggling to complete Stealth runs? Want to get the edge on the scoreboards of your favorite songs? This is the guide for you....
How to Start Modding Game Modes
por toadandthemole
This guide will explore how to start modding audiosurf 2 game modes....
How to mute game noises
por natzim
Many people are annoyed that the settings do not allow the user to turn off game sounds, turning a nice piece of music into a cacophonous sound-effect-filled mish-mash. I am here today to tell you how to turn off most of the sounds. This works by changing...
Online Stats
por ک k y w a r d
This guide explains how to access the online ladders of your tunes....
[EN/FR] How to disable autocenter / Comment désactiver le recentrage automatique du vaisseaux
por PCYoshi
EN: This guide will show you how to disable autocenter. FR: Ce guide va vous montrer comment désactiver le recentrage automatique du vaisseaux....