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Ebeta2 Mar 4 @ 7:57pm
Souncloud 'Sign in w/ Google' Not Working
I see that there is a option to link SoundCloud with the game but when I try to sign in using my Google account, nothing happens. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
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Mütze Glatze Mar 6 @ 1:16pm 
It doesn't even show up for me, when I press on Soundcloud, just a white screen appears.
It worked in the past, so I think an update broke it.
RyongBo Jul 31 @ 12:03am 
Will there be a fix for this anytime soon? I don't want to make a 2nd email account just to get soundcloud to work with audiosurf.
RyongBo Jul 31 @ 3:32am 
Found a solution. Send yourself a password reset for your google soundcloud account and you can login normally.
RogueElement Jul 31 @ 3:43pm 
Same applies with Facebook login. Fortunately I have two different logins. One utilizing the Facebook sign-in and another with my name on it created directly through Soundcloud sign-up. The sign-up account works well. About time it did.
Ebeta2 Aug 4 @ 9:21am 
I was able to send myself a password reset to login normally on soundcloud, but on Audiosurf 2, the page shows up blank. It simply won't load.
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