ricjar26 2013. máj. 21. @ du. 2:20
Please Help!!
Hi folks. I just downloaded this yesterday and so far i really like it. But i have gotten to the part where the portal is closed and you are supposed to get back up to the surface and i am stuck at the point where you are in the area with the 2 medical rooms and the doorway with 2 security fields blocking it. I have spent about an hour trying to get out with no luck. Can anyone help please?
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Silly 2014. ápr. 12. @ de. 12:31 
Need help here as well! What do we do?
cavifax 2014. júl. 11. @ du. 2:26 
I need some help here too... any help please? anybody?
cavifax 2014. aug. 19. @ du. 9:03 
W@rFre@Kz!! eredeti hozzászólása:
sir can u help me my 2nd acount is premently banned for no other reason i trashper my key to my frnd and then i log out and open to next day i banned pernamently T_T plz help me this is the acount warfreakz4 my yahoomail is georgequisto@yahoo.com

what the hell does this has to do with this thread?
just contact steam support
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