Kantmiss Evershot 2013年8月23日下午10:59
Still Pre-loading
Im from israel, and its need to be released in 22/8.
But nothing...
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djenova 2013年8月23日下午11:06 
we hava a same profile picture dude... LOL...

yeah me too, indonesian cant play this game... still preload too...
Baranov 2013年8月23日下午11:16 
Im guessing Cyprus is officially part of Asia then, cos i cant play either...Its truly ♥♥♥♥ed up tho how steam shows that the game is being released then and then but fail to mention that because you are in this or that part of the world you will have to wait...so annoying...
shenalon 2013年8月23日下午11:22 
Guys, please do as I did and appraoch Steam Supprot.
shenalon 2013年8月23日下午11:23 
*Support of course (:
Baranov 2013年8月23日下午11:32 
how exactly will that help since the official release date for Asia is on the 5th of September?
sugiik 2013年8月23日下午11:35 
2 support tickets not replied wtf steam
katz-p 2013年8月23日下午11:35 
hey im in israel too. same ♥♥♥♥ . stuck in preload , wrote 2 tickets to support already
sugiik 2013年8月23日下午11:37 
well ? where did steam said that? 5sept, it said on my steam it's released but still in pre-load...
Baranov 2013年8月23日下午11:39 
Guys, the game is being released in Asia (yes that includes Israel and Indonesia) on the 5th of September, this is not because of Steam but because of Ubi, so those support tickets are pointless waste of time. Just wait n chill
katz-p 2013年8月23日下午11:39 
its the first time this ♥♥♥♥ happens . usually steam is accurate with the dates
katz-p 2013年8月23日下午11:40 
where did you read about the 5?
Baranov 2013年8月23日下午11:40 
katz-p 2013年8月23日下午11:44 
i see but israel was always included with europe in the release dates , thats why its weird. japan is always separate
Kantmiss Evershot 2013年8月23日下午11:44 
引用自 Baranov
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Clancy's_Splinter_Cell:_Blacklist check the release dates on the right
In europe its in 23/8 and now 24/8...
And its not release
Baranov 2013年8月23日下午11:45 
I know, its messed up, Cyprus is in freaking EU ffs and the 5th is the RD for Japan, doesnt even mention that its for Asia...
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