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The Ultimate Boss Guide
by DeathWantsMore
In this guide I'll describe and show you how to kill every single boss fast and efficient while maintaining an S-Rank and taking no damage on Revengeance difficulty....
Ranked Battles
by Sammy
Here's a list of all the ranked battles in this game so you won't miss a single one for your S rank!...
Прохождение на 100% / Video-guide for english
by rv♠|♥Liza
Полное и подробное руководство по сбору достижений в игре. Пожелания, исправления и критика приветствуются. If you are not russian, you can watching video-gu...
Unlockable Items 【Costumes/Main Weapons/Unique Weapons/Wigs】
by [ARMeNiAN] [WaRFiGHteR]
This guide will help you to know "How to unlock in-game items, like Costumes/Main Weapons/Unique Weapons/Wigs" NOTE: Click on images to see in full size. Also available Russian Version of this guide - [url=
Tips for new players
by Catbus
New to Metal Gear Rising? Have a few pieces of advice, on the house! (I'm going to assume that you have a controller at times)...
How to farm quick and easy BP
by Cisgender Pig
This guide will show you how to farm BP by exploiting checkpoints in a certain level so that you can amass BP for quick upgrades or to finish off the "Ich Liebe Kapitalismus!" achievement....
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance video guides by Turbo Achiever
by Mesjaf
Video guide for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Secrets, achievements and all You may need! If You like it, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel or join Me on [url=https://www.facebook....
How to NOT lose your stuff when going to a higher difficulty.
by Kizirious
Even though this shouldn't be a big problem, a lot of people are losing their data by not setting up a New Game+ properly. (The RIGHT way to set up New Game+)...
Amateur Radio Operator
by iWebber
This guide is to help you get the Amateur Radio Operator achievement for METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGANCE. If you're a hardcore fan or just like to hear conversations, the Metal Gear series are famous for their codec calls, and this game is no different. ...
WTF am i supposed to do!? or in case you stuck...
by vasparoza
Here you will find some boss fights tips and answers for common questions. (no spoilers)...