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Graphics are crap now!
What happened to my game? Last time I played the graphics were awesome and now its crap... DOes anyone has the same problem? Was there any game update?
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Dekonega Apr 25, 2014 @ 11:35am 
1. I don't know what happened to you game. What did happen to your game?
2. How the graphics have changed? Describe the issues in detail. Submit a screenshot.
3. Hard to know if others have the same issue you have when we cannot even determine what the actual issue is.
4. There haven't been any new updates to the game since the last update which fixed the boss fights. And that was a several months ago.

It's pretty strange that people write to these forums asking for help and somehow imagine that people on the forums can magically see what the issues is telepathically. And because they do that they don't describe the problem, or explain the relevant details that might help parse the list of issues. People could submit screenshots for example in cases like these. Another thing is the computer spesifications. Specs and version numbers from relevant drivers should be always included in questions like these. While I don't know what the issues I could guess that it's due driver update in OPs system that is incompatible with the game but there's no evidence to support that.
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Bahamut-BBB [GER] Apr 26, 2014 @ 1:35am 
1. Nothing happened to the game (unless there was any graphics or game update but there wasnt)
2. Its like all the anti-alasing is gone and its flickering all the time. Also it not possible anymore to play the game to its full resolution: there are always black edges around the game screen. So its pretty useless to take a screenshot because you only see the effect during the gameplay. The screenshot doesnt show the flickering and the borders around the game screen)
arielalexco May 5, 2014 @ 12:23am 
Are you using an AMD card?... sounds familiar -_-
ClassiC May 5, 2014 @ 7:03am 
Update must have scrambled something with your settings I can still play it with none of your problems. (Nvidia)
Weaver May 7, 2014 @ 8:17am 
Everything is good on my end.
@arielalexco: Yeah I do... (-.-)
Or it is something wrong with Radeon graphic card... Nah I hope they'll do some kind of update :-/
Dekonega May 7, 2014 @ 11:54am 
Originally posted by Bahamut-BBB GER:
@arielalexco: Yeah I do... (-.-)
Or it is something wrong with Radeon graphic card... Nah I hope they'll do some kind of update :-/

If you have a Radeon card, it's more than probable that the AMD drivers are the issue and not the game. The game works just as intended here. I have an nVidia card. I used to have some older Radeon cards and here is the cold fact for you:

ATi cards are absolute garbage. ATi cards are cheap, and do get the job done, but there are always lots of issues related to the way they work. Especially in games and other graphics related applications. Drivers are poorly done. And the quality of the cards isn't that good either.

Well maybe drivers are not so bad anymore in Windows. But they do require latest version of .Net framework to work which is bad software design. And there still are rendering mistakes the cards do due drivers (such as your case of "stuff flickering" and "AA not being applied to the scene"). It is same as if some of the drivers on your machine would require Java runtime to work.

I use more Linux these days than I use Windows. And Radeon Linux drivers are just abysmally horrible garbage. Which is why even if I wanted to I just wouldn't be able to switch to a Radeon card.

You should see the apartment of my friend where he has made a post-modern work of art by nailing and hot gluing failed Radeon cards up to his apartment ceiling. There are at the moment something like nine or eleven ATi/AMD flagship cards from the past 15 years. So you can't fully close the possibility that the card has a physical hardware problem and this is not about messed up drivers.

Stop blaiming the game and go get yourself a cheap nVidia card. Even something as low as GT 630 is enough for MGR.

That said. You should purge your system of AMD's drivers and then reinstall the latest .Net Framework Microsoft offers, and related security updates from Windows Update and then the install latest AMD's stable Windows drivers. And if that doesn't help. Then install the latest beta drivers from AMD.

Those usually fix any issues people might be having. However it's worth to make a note that those very beta drivers which might fix the MGR for you might also break another game in your system. So be careful.

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