eric.light3 Jul 12 @ 2:16pm
FPS drop in extended blade mode.
Hello. I just started this game and I find if I cut to much in blade mode, the games frames starts to drop, and I was wondering which setting should I drop the most in order to try and fix this. Not sure how useful this info would be but, my processor is a AMD A10 and my graphics card is a R9 270.
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Chrisgol10 Jul 12 @ 5:06pm 
⸗7Bloodfang Jul 13 @ 3:35am 
that's because your computer can't stand the many many pieces that have been cut.
I do too, but it's not a huge huge fps drop (only the choppers make my fps drop like mad because they turn into tiny pieces). It should be ok for bosses' fights.
Either you reduce the number of pieces in the option or the duration they stay around/on the ground.
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Solomonparty Jul 13 @ 5:06am 
It's called zangtime and I think zangeki in the options, I recomend even with a top of the line computer to set zangtime to low because pieces on the ground can briefly halt your progress when you're slicing through doors.
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