snakejishi0 Aug 5 @ 4:39pm
pole arm worth it?
am playing on hard mode and my original weapon does not do enough damage, do i just upgrade it or buy the pole arm?
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Mr. Gency Aug 5 @ 6:20pm 
I'd upgrade the sword, but the poor arm is definitely worth getting.
Physics ME Aug 6 @ 1:01am 
When you mention "not enough damage", what circumstances are you talking about? The pole arm does have the advantage of longer reach and better area attack effect. But I'm not sure if it gives you more damage output.
一FloFlo Aug 6 @ 7:39am 
pole arm is exelent for aoe attack when you submerged
snakejishi0 Aug 6 @ 8:16am 
guys i upgraded it to +2, and my original HF to +3, am at the start of ch 5, everything is fine now, I was just stuck in sewers with those 3 two-legged robots.
thanks forf help
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