Prime World: Defenders

Prime World: Defenders

Mammoth 2013年7月29日下午3:39
Content Update 1.1 for Prime World: Defenders
Greetings. We've just released update 1.1, it should hit Steam any minute now.

We've spent last two months since Prime World: Defenders release listening to your feedback and this content update is based on your requests and suggestions. Thank you for that, it's been quite interesting to work with such dedicated group of gamers.

Highlights include two new modes, new towers, spells, maps and cards. Also, we've increased your progress speed, so you can get to new juicy content faster.

So, what's new here?
- New Heroic Mode. After you've beaten game on Normal mode you can switch to Heroic mode and play all missions once again. This time missions are really tough and you can't grind them out - we expect you to have evolved and leveled up towers to take onto this task. It is our version of New Game Plus.

- New Survival Mode. After you've beaten game on Normal mode you'll get two new maps unlocked each with 250 waves of enemies. You don't have to survive all 250, nor we expect you to on your first try. Maps are divided into five stages with 50 waves each and you get a nice bonus after each stage.

- New Side Missions. Instead of hard level of difficulty for side missions we're adding Survival on random maps into mix - you still can play easy and medium in usual mode of course. You'll have to survive 3 stages with 25 waves each (75 waves in total) to get maximum reward, but even one stage will give you lots of silver and nice cards. This was done to make leveling easier.

- Four New Towers. Prime Gun, Sharpshooter, Toxic tower and Spray Tower. You'll get access to those after you hit level 15.

- Two New Spells. Thunderbolt and Summon Magma. Same as with towers – you'll get access to your spells after you hit level 15.

- New Enchantments for Spells. Magical Eye and Spell Amplifier. So you can fuse your spells faster. These Enchantments are now part of Enchantment packs.

- New Mirror Cards for Evolving. Having hard time with RNG trying to get that third (or fourth) unique tower to evolve it? Use Mirror Card instead, it will replace any card of same rarity during evolving.

- Updated Interface. Now you can sort cards easier, see towers stats without pause and do a lot of stuff much faster.

- 54 New Achievements to Unlock. New content means new challenges, right?

- French and German Localizations. Kind of self-explanatory. Full voice-overs obviously.

- Balance Tweaks. We've addressed problems with flyers, ghosts, usefulness of certain towers and spells, so game is much more fun to play now.

Certain towers now have penalties against flying units – namely Wooden Tower, Stone Tower, Dragon Tower and Prime Gun.

Other towers instead do more damage to ghosts (The Puncher) and carts (Stun Tower).
Prime Blast now does a lot of damage against healers and Gas Cloud slows enemy down in addition to poisoning.

- Bugfixes. I don't want to go into details here, but we've done quite a job hunting down bugs.

- Steam Trading Cards. Ok, technically it's not something we're adding into a game, but still, thanks to Valve, you'll be able to get and trade nice cards with Prime World: Defenders characters, level-up your badge and unlock smilies and wallpapers for your profile.
So enjoy your new free update and don't forget to tell your friends about how awesome Prime World: Defenders is.

Sincerely, Nival Red team.
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Lord Chaos Mind 2013年7月29日下午3:48 
Nice! I look forward to trying out these changes. Thanks!
BobSkywalker 2013年7月29日下午3:50 
This is quite an impressive list! I had given up on the game due to the endless monotony of the side missions, but this sounds like it might replace that issue with excitement instead.
SukoSuLi 2013年7月29日下午3:51 
Where i can set the game on German? i dont find it >.<
Der Hexer 2013年7月29日下午3:58 
引用自 SukoSuLi
Where i can set the game on German? i dont find it >.<

right click on the game in your library >>> properties >>> language
rechtsklick auf das spiel in der bibliothek >>> eigenschaften >>> sprache
Ditanium 2013年7月29日下午3:59 
Awesome update!
SukoSuLi 2013年7月29日下午4:00 
引用自 Der Hexer
引用自 SukoSuLi
Where i can set the game on German? i dont find it >.<

right click on the game in your library >>> properties >>> language
rechtsklick auf das spiel in der bibliothek >>> eigenschaften >>> sprache

genau das hab ich versucht obwohl er die über 300mb geladne hat kann ich die sprache net umstellen da steht noch immer English oder Russisch Oo ingame geht auch nix ... hab steam files auch valdiert bringt nix >.<
SukoSuLi 2013年7月29日下午4:03 
ach jetzt gehts musste die beiden .blob daten löschen :)
Artaksatra 2013年7月29日下午4:04 
This seems like a meaty update! Good job!
WARLORD 2013年7月29日下午4:08 
Good job on the update. Dont see the trading cards update though
Grimhound 2013年7月29日下午4:17 
Please make a multiplyer. Like a Coop mode :)

I wont mind if you guys make it a DLC
dementedlullaby 2013年7月29日下午4:21 
Nice nice, gotta load it up after!
Bashful 2013年7月29日下午4:44 
I can't believe it, a really good update that was worthy of being dlc but you did it for free... You devs are brilliant and will surely support you in the future. Thank you very much :D:
gotrunks712 2013年7月29日下午5:12 
Any news on the achievements bug yet?
Snotwasabi 2013年7月29日下午5:59 
Great update!
Snam 2013年7月29日下午6:12 
Good job! Big update for free, this doesn't happen too often in gaming industry lately. Thanks.
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