Mytharox Oct 30, 2013 @ 8:34am
Totally stuck, buying cards from the shop.
So far the game has been great, I really love playing it, but unfortunately I seem to have hit a game critical bug that is totally stopping me from playing.

My game (level 28 here) is now totally stuck and I cannot progress or do anything anymore. I've tried it in the regular game and in the beta.

What I did was buy some cards from the shop, but it was over my card limit so I have to sell a few cards. However the sell option isn't there for 2 of the cards (detector, mine traps) and the game doesn't let me 'Take All' or even close the window.

When I close the game and try to continue, this event pops up again so I cannot continue with anything or play anymore.

Does anyone know a solution or if there isn't could a developer please make a fix for it so I can continue on my profile?

Screenshot of 'stuck' screen.
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Mytharox Oct 31, 2013 @ 12:59am 
I couldn't get rid of it but the next day the default sell option for the remaining 2 cards was finally there. Idk if that was coincidence or that the sell option just randomly isn't visible at times. But at least I can now continue enjoying the game. I'll be extra wary of my card limit now though :p
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