Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon
热门的 Steam 指南 书面指南、参考以及攻略
How to unlock the secret cheesecake images in the gallery.
作者: theian121
firstly will need an Xbox 360 controller. then head towards the image gallery section under extras and enter this code: X, X, Y, X, LB, RB. this will unlock images forty-one through forty-seven. Which appear to be some tasteful shots of booth babes from ...
60 FPS
作者: Sasha
As you know, the game is a fixed frames per second (30 fps). In this tutorial I will show you how to remove this limitation and to play with 60 fps....
EDF:IA 100% Achievement Guide
作者: MushaConvoy
Strategies for how to gain all achievements in the easiest way possible....
Robots in the News - EDF:IA Walkthrough
作者: Blakeyrat
Blakeyrat and Rantis play through Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddeon....
EDF Easy Levelling
作者: MushaConvoy
Easy levelling - for those having trouble early on and want to boost their suit or looking for an easy way to earn money and experience for those more grindy achievements....
Easy Ranks/XP
作者: Coffeechipmunk
Need to level up quickly? Well, this (if your Rank 5 or up) is the place!...