Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

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So sick of the PSP/PSV crap. WE NEED MORE EDF ON PC!

Check out their newer EDF games....makes this one look like a watered down n64 game. COMON GUYS! Show some damn pc love!
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BigNick 21 30. Aug. 2013 um 1:51 Uhr 
i agree with that
Zeether 31. Aug. 2013 um 17:18 Uhr 
Yeah, EDF4 looks fun and I like this one but the whole thing just feels off. D3, do a PC port of that and I'd buy it.
SuNin 7. Sep. 2013 um 12:05 Uhr 
Yeah, this needs to happen. I am checking out the video.. and I need this game. Insect Armageddon got rid of the random drops and it literally ruined the game.
I like the game from before this one
ArkonBlade 10. Nov. 2013 um 11:09 Uhr 
I wont argue with that. I love this series, its just mindless fun.
Gyumaou 14. Dez. 2013 um 8:51 Uhr 
yeah, wish the real edf games came round to pc, insect armageddon doesn't even compare to 2017 or 2025.
what.? we have an other EDF after Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon 2011..?
[OT]Nekrage 20. Dez. 2013 um 14:53 Uhr 
Ursprünglich geschrieben von ∴Alexander Roob∴:
what.? we have an other EDF after Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon 2011..?

There are tons of EDF games....this is the only one to ever come to steam.
Grimlock 21. Dez. 2013 um 17:51 Uhr 
Yep. I have EDF 2025 sitting in my Amazon cart ready for pre-order but if it was available for Steam, I'd switch in a heartbeat.
Gyumaou 24. Dez. 2013 um 6:47 Uhr 
Yeah wish 2025 came to pc/steam. Y'all tweet @EarthDefenseFce saying you want 2025 to come to pc!

As for other games there are a few more: Monster Attack (ps2), Global Defence Force (ps2, psp), GDF: Tactics (ps2), EDF 2017 (x360, vita), and EDF 2025 (x360, ps3).

2017 was great and 2025 only improves on it. 2025 releases in eu and na in January.
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BEEEEEES 21. Jan. 2014 um 9:32 Uhr 
AMEN! PORT EDF 2025 TO STEAM SO I CAN GIVE YOU MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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