Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

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(d^u^b) 2013년 2월 1일 오후 9시 55분
where is the 60 fps fix or how do you do it!?
as per title, 30fps is not doing it for I & I; help! just point me in the right direction please, TIA.
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Twist 2013년 2월 2일 오전 4시 14분 
60 or 30 FPS, you won't really notice any difference, more than the game flows in a strange way at 60 fps.

I do not take responsibilty for what may happen or any potential damage if you use this.
60 fps[]
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Zero 2013년 2월 2일 오후 3시 38분 
Definitely worth using if you can find it.
Twist 2013년 2월 3일 오전 8시 14분 
It's really hard to find the link I provided.
(d^u^b) 2013년 2월 3일 오후 1시 18분 
Thank-you Twist. Seriously scoured wsgf's site and couldn't find anything before. I'd +rep ya, the intention is there anyway. peace.
Tried to pm you Twist, you're locked down hard. Could you pm me when you've the opportunity?
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Dr. Orange 2013년 2월 3일 오후 10시 26분 
Here is a forum link with some more info about the 30fps cap fix

I didn't try the fix or following the links here, but from feedback from others it seems to work.
Good luck^^
Potatocancer 2013년 2월 5일 오전 4시 59분 
It worked pretty nicely for me
(d^u^b) 2013년 2월 5일 오전 5시 29분 
good deal ;-)
Idiotekque 2013년 3월 11일 오후 8시 40분 
The linked exe changed nothing for me. Not sure if it changed or what. Just made my own, works like a charm.
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