Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon
WhitezombieITA92 Jan 16 @ 3:25am
somebody still play online?
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Rocketman Jan 17 @ 5:42pm 
You will find people playing online from time to time. If you select "any" maps, you will probably have a better chance of finding an active online game.

The best option will be to add others EDF players as friends so that you coordinate with them and start an online game. Check the thead "Anyone still play?" and post a message there. You will find other EDF gamers looking to play also.
WhitezombieITA92 Jan 18 @ 2:44am 
Thanks you :)
It's a good game? I would buy it but I've read various criticisms about it
Rocketman Jan 18 @ 9:41am 
Some people like and some others don't. Specially those who played the older version prefer the older version. I've never played the older version so I don't know how it compares. The game is not very long and the missions are very simple...kill everything in sight. I've found the graphics are very good with very few issues or glitches. If you looking for mindless fun then you might like this game.

Check the videos here and on Youtube so you can decide for yourself.
WhitezombieITA92 Jan 18 @ 10:03am 
Thanks again very helpful :) (sorry for my bad english)
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