Ford Prefect Dec 3, 2013 @ 12:52pm
Do People play Arena or Team Arena
Hey everyone, i actually just bought the quake pack for all the games and i was wondering which on to install that was actually still active?

I had read that quake arena is played pretty often but not team that true and why is that?
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3DMightyMouse Feb 22 @ 7:27pm 
Well if you can't find any action online the bots can be fun to play with. You can do something like the following (for Team Arena)
/g_gametype 5
/bot_minplayers 3
/g_spSkill 2
/map mpq3ctf1
/team blue
It'll start a one-flag game (with you on blue team) on mpq3ctf1 with 3 players per team, with a bot skill of 2. If that skill is too easy you can try 3 or 4.
Ford Prefect Feb 22 @ 11:33pm 
I think i might move over to quake live and see how that is.
Leonard Jun 21 @ 9:24pm 
If anyone wants to play team arena just add me or maybe we can make a group!
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